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World Clean Water Campaign

Welcome to the one Law of Nature that everyone agrees upon:

However the Politics of the World change, all Communities will always need
Clean Water

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This site simply does not collect your details nor do we place any cookies or other devices on your computer.

This does not mean that we don't want to know You and don't care about who joins the Campaign - of course we do - but we have chosen to ensure your privacy and security above all other considerations.

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You will however, always be welcome at any time to say hello and tell us about yourself and your interests in this Campaign  by email, directly.

This Campaign needs to reach into every Country across the World so please email us and tell us where You are in the World. If You live in a big Country then tell us which part You are in, so that we may include your new membership location in our BIG World of Water Friends and Members Atlas.

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NOTE:    As soon as You download and print your Campaign Membership Certificate, make sure that You sign it and put today's date on it for it to become valid.

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Thank You for your support,
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World Clean Water Campaign

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World Clean Water Campaign