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World of Water Succession Team

Are YOU ready to join the WoW Succession Team?

This May, our charity starts its search for twelve people who will train with us and become the next World of Water managers and trustees.

If you love waterlife and see yourself as someone who is going to make significant big changes to the way this planet cares for the environment, we should meet you and share aims.

On 28th May 2016 it will be our charity’s 30th anniversary. To ensure our on-going projects are moderised we are seeking active enthusiasts to take over the following voluntary positions:

1.  Living Museum Educator
2.  Fund Procurer / Legacy organiser
3.  International Relations and Political Lobbyist
4.  Communications and Technology Geek
5.  P.R. creative. Mass Mobbing authority. Crowd Support networker
6.  Ecognomic Warrior
7.  Publisher and message publicist both digital and live broadcast.
8.  Hydrosystems Researcher
9.  Accountant
10. Farmer. Aquaculturist.
11. Water Engineer
12. Musician and Event Organiser

We aim to find this team during 2016/17/18 and if your aim is to join such a charity team, contact us, meet us, get to know our skills and share yours.

This is an opportunity to create the life you really want to lead and at the same time,  tackle charitable projects, gain experience, do good, change things, enjoy helping, develop friendships, support those in need, further your plans to protect and enhance World ecosystems, promote the generation of caring ways and most of all, combine your energy with that of others who have similar views to you.

Please use our field centre contact page to say hello and open the door to the World of Water.

All best wishes

Good New Year

More junk-yard aquaponic and hydroponic challenges at the World of Water field centre this year. Contact us directly or via your membership of or

The aim is to set up your own ingenious fully functioning growing unit, start off the seeds, develop your own organic nutrient supply system, keep the air and water going, get a harvest and share this over a meal.

During our second challenge in 2015, 2 groups, one Spanish and the other Anglo-French, both achieved this. We’ll get some photos posted on this blog shortly.

They’ll start in March and continue through to end of July.

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