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We are committed to providing our website visitors with an overview of activities at the HoBB Project House. Hello visitor. Whilst we make every effort to present our actions and plans online in an up to date manner, our daily activities offline – on the ground and with the water, take priority. If you want more than this glimpse of the HoBB on screen, link with us on a new project or help us on an ongoing project. Thank you.

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This website contains links to external websites maintained by other organisations which may change without any prior notice. It is for this reason that firstly, The HoBB accepts no responsibility for any material on any third party website which is linked from or to this website. Secondly, The HoBB takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the information on these websites is not defamatory or offensive, however we cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites or their privacy practices. And thirdly, The HoBB does not in any way recommend or endorse the persons, businesses or organisations listed on this website for the very same reason – things, companies, people and organisations can change very rapidly and without warning. Do your own checking and updating.


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