Wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)


This early ‘WWOOF’ Tea Cloth has just been donated to our WoW Collections by one of our charity volunteers.

(Above) Poster designed for our Wwoof open day at the HoBB for local hosts and potential members organised by Sue Davies, our local area Wwoof representative.

How it works:

Volunteers (Wwoofers) travel around the world from host to host, picking up new skills and gaining experience and understanding of other cultures.

All hosts hope for happy volunteers to help them continue their many and varied projects.

There is no other international organisation quite like Wwoof for its ability to culture useful links between people interested in organic farming.

Even if you are not interested in being a ‘wwoofer’ host or volunteer right now, take a look at their international web site and get up to speed on the ways being developed to keep soils alive, keep food healthy and as a result, create an ever more balanced organic future for everyone.

Our charity has worked alongside the UK volunteer network for over 25 years and now, with the wonderful growing support of volunteers, we are researching and conducting both educational and development programme. Present projects include research into organic aquaculture and geo-positioning apps that reposition water heritage collections  back into the  World using augmented VR for education and added visitor enjoyment.

If you would like to join Wwoof and get their international list of hosts, please visit their web site.

If you are in the UK and interested in volunteering some time to help WoW [World of Water, Registered UK Charity 327188 ] please contact us to arrange a visit to our field centre.

World of WaterCaring for the Solution

Join us and help further some of our Projects

000249Look to your future in a very creative way by taking part in The HoBB Project. Come and help on creative projects and join the growing family of people who have experienced the HoBB way – a practical lifestyle designed to demonstrate a responsible attitude to the planet and its precious environment.

The HoBB is one of hundreds of Hosts who have grouped together to welcome visitors from around the World through the Wwoof Organisation and through Help Exchange. If you have a thirst for practical know-how, enjoy the countryside, are keen to tackle fresh projects and view yourself as eager and hardworking, check out our details on the links above and explore the wide variety of hosts across the World.

The HoBB also offers an evolving programme of Construction Residencies and Publishing Internships of varying length.

Keen environmentalists may be interested in applying for the Annual WoW Bursary – a chance to flex your eco-muscles and network with those determined to create a better and balanced future-lifestyle. Food and accommodation is included for successful applicants. Contact us for details and application form.