The ‘Studies of Matter’ [ Étude de Matière]

Early ‘Studies of Matter’ . From Vasarely 3 by Victor Vasarely

Uptake the hues
The saps and each scent.
Let every passion of life
Take its stage.
Fill up your sights
With episodes spent.
Unblock your heart
From your birth-given cage.è

Savour the scraps
As you would every treasure
Measure your worth
By each Sun not the crowd.
Tell it with beat
And study what matters
Take up tomorrow’s
And shout them out, loud.

“By studying everything from mud to antimatter,
we build collections of thought about
our place in Space.”

What’s YOUR take on things?

What’s YOUR view?

What’s YOUR position in this long human race?


Victor Vasarely – his part in my Artrising

Blanc / Black
Tic  /  Tac
Plip  /  Plop

Noir / Black

Space – the biggest gap
Life – the hardest trap

Exchange – the first start
Rearrange – the way of being

Victor – today’s weather
Vasarely – halves together

Once you can communicate,
Speak your worth.

Once you can draw,
Add your values.

Once you understand,

Some of the tracks to Belle Isle
Appear like petal falls,
Their gathered pattern
In ever-flux

Laws of wave and particle dance
Create a mind flow distraction
Whilst the Tick Tocks
The Plip Plops and
Life rocks
From each wake to sleep.

Never the parting heralded
Never the arrival stifled.

Heart  /  Soul


A circle of dots appear as animated
but blink, fast enough, and all are still.

A life seems punctuated by events
but live long enough and life becomes nil.

Vasarely would suggest that all is a plastic in motion
that we animate, along with all other energized forms.

A heart beat away.
Co-ordinated impulses set to rhythms
We eat to feed.

What we know we cannot say.
We just grow
To fit some need.

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