Films in development

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SHORT FILMS presently in development at Gingerman Studios

HewNarration over 4 drawn toons.  Duration:  3:30 mins
HoboGen (Lunar Power)  Part documentary. Part presented. Story drawn over green screen giving a 2D Tiltbrush look. Duration: 5 mins.
Jim’s Gym. Part live action cut into voiceover slideshow using toon cut-outs like puppets. Duration: 3:30 mins


Ring in the New.  Part drawn toon stills. Part live on location. One studio set. Part animation. Duration: c. 25 to 40 mins
Orphan KK.  Greenscreen slide show as backdrop to live theatre. Opening and closing sequences, live and on location.  Duration c. 45 mins

storyboard design



My Creative Track Record:


Poetry track: Bellerach. 

Live Storytelling.(blog)        My Hat  (Recording)

Artwork  – Slideshow. Duration 55 seconds


Books:   Page layout.   22 Phonemes early readers.    44+ Phonemes

Set Design

Exhibitions :  The future & history of aquaculture

FILMSJim’s Gym (Area: Obesity).   Hew  (Area: Global Wildlife Food Security).   HoBoGen (The Story of Lunar Power).  Ring in the New.  (Slot: New Year following midnight chimes).  Orphan KK

FAQ:  Why do I do what I do?
Answer: To promote a perpetually sustainable clean World habitat.





Purple at the HoBB . TV

“Purple, yes, but not that purple.
Purple-ish, sure, but not so purple.”