Tapman and Pluggy – told by Grant

Few stories go round and round better than the cycle of water but even fewer storytellers accept the challenge to accompany their characters on their never ending story. Grant is one such storyteller.

Put on your weatherproofs. Get your diving gear. Bring a parachute … and a large net for the floating plastics, a water baliff, a naval frigate to protect seawater fisheries and a team from SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) to protect the water environment.

Whilst you are collecting all you need for this once simple water cycle, invite loads of water treatment engineers around the World to keep your drinking water safe. and, as raindrops, snow, sleet, drizzle and hail all dissolve air borne pollution in their fall to Earth, you may need a soil and crop expert to tell the story of how pollutants in water enter the food cycle.

What was once a simple story to tell of the sea, evaporation, clouds, condensation, streams and rivers, is now a vast tale.

Here’s a painting full of clues to where the story flows as it grows: