Images of stories in the making

After performing original stories monthly at the Rhyme and Tell open mic. storytelling club in Bishop’s Castle (4th Sunday each month. 8.00pm Six Bells Pub opposite church) for three years, I have a book full which I’m starting to get ready to podcast. At the moment, I don’t know a thing about sound editing so the podcasts will be packed with raw energy like the one animation film I did whilst making pizza in the dark.

At first, I collaborated on the illustrations with Peter Scott and started to blog the stories but didn’t publish the site when we both realised the stories would be best recorded real and live. However, here’s some screenshots of that site in beta – mostly uploaded here to remind me to do the podcasts.


The function of telling your story

000248The advantage of using a good storyteller in your work
The following words from ‘The Art of the Storyteller’ by Beverley Mathias, say it all:

“Storytellers are the direct medium between the story and the audience, able to change pace, alter or explain a difficult point, dramatize or play down an event, according to the needs of those listening.”

I will use stories to …
bring issues into the open,
raise questions and
expand your listener’s understanding.

I tell stories to …
extend your audiences’ thoughts on real or imagined worlds,
stimulate your listeners’ creative imagination,
create an appetite for words, and
introduce the shared activity of storytelling – from author or teller to audience”.

Stories ‘travel’ in books, vids. and podcasts but more effectively, in person, so get ready to share tales face-to-face.

I’ll help you
I welcome all new opportunities to author, illustrate and use stories at events and informal get-togethers. Contact me and tell me about your intended audience – their age range, interests and listening experience.

Grant’s a natural. I wouldn’t hesitate booking him for any storytelling” (Graham Langley)

“Thank you for the beneficial effect your course has had on the whole of the administration department. The staff are more committed and positive in their approach to their daily tasks, the whole atmosphere in the department has improved 1000%” — Ms.K.C. Cole, Head of Admin / Systems Manager, Washwood Heath School, Birmingham.

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