Shopping for Laughing Blue Halloween Pumpkins Seeds


The fabled BLUE Pumpkin? Does it really exist? Have you ever seen a packet of BLUE Pumpkin seeds in a garden shop?

We think they really do exist.

Grown to smile, eerily, one Halloween night –

Now THAT would be a truly frightful sight.


So undercover of our new aquaponics unit, we will see
if we can find some seeds and throw some light on this fabled blue variety.

“There’s a blue strain of carrot – potato too,
for a totally ghoulish vegetable stew.
Chop them all up and put in a pot
then bring to the boil with some trouble and toil.

Close the mix tight in a hay box at dawn
till the taste of the darkness within, that’s unborn,
gets released to the night as you open the door –
and forget all your fears as you ask for some more.”

(We Write)
From “Poems to Cook by”

PG Tips for everlasting JOY

PG Tips for everlasting JOY

‘Pumpkin Gregor’ blew fish pipes
– a happy piper he.
And o’er his plot
He’d kept one spot
For Prawn and Carrot Tea.
Disseminating Seeds of JOY
You’d always hear him say…
Keep dancing round your pet sardines
and never let them stray“.