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000251Some people achieve a lot on their own but most of us like to tackle projects with partners – as part of a strong enthusiastic team.

If you are a team member without a team, it’s time to get one started. At the HoBB Project House we ‘Goal Share’ to create teams.

‘Goal Share’ is where we progress-chase you on your project and you, in return, progress-chase us on one of ours. This way you get an instant ‘bolt-on’ team, and so do we.

If you are not so wonderful on progress chasing, you can pick a weekend to visit the HoBB and together, we’ll plan the stage progress of your project whether it’s at a starting post or part progressed.

All ‘Goal Share’ input and ideas are yours for you to keep and use with no ties. If your concerned about the security of your great idea,  you may copy and use the HoBB’s non-disclosure agreement freely for any of your projects.

Great or small, every new project has its place. Don’t sit on the potential of tomorrow as today slides away from you.

Identities – those stars behind our People Projects

Tracey Blunn + Dr.Nigel Smith
Thank you to the Priory Hospital (and Dr. Nigel Smith) for sponsoring World of Water.

– How did it work for you?

Great People create great projects and when projects are lucky enough to get the backing at the right time, they surface and make the headlines.

But what of the energy and the inspired thinking that continues un-noticed?

If you have news of projects and aims that should be out there on the frontline getting noticed, let us know and we’ll see if we can do our bit to shout about them from here at ‘HoBB Virtual’.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

(Pictured above, Priory Hospital sponsors Tracey Blunn, member of Reg. UK Educational Charity, World of Water, with all the right Jabs before she sets off to study the Tanzanian Rain Forests)

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