HoBB pathways for People, Rabbits, Moles, Earthworms and Roots

IMAGENAMEHEREVisit the HoBB and experience your path in the making.

The HoBB is a place to feel inspired, to explore  your own answers whilst experiencing  Nature’s answers.

At the HoBB, there’s now a twelth way to look at life, and that’s through the paths and tunnels created by wildlife.  Thanks to a four years old visitor, who became so fascinated with the rabbit holes and mole hills at our field centre that he plotted them all with some help, we have this interesting map of the HoBB Underground.

Underneath the existing ‘Paths of Wellbeing’, regularly trodden by visitors, there’s a network of connectedness often forgotten until digging a trench or making a hole for a new fence post.

Once the survey of this out-of-sight network was done, we put all our design skills into creating another fine map.  This map is used to make visitors aware of all the below-site activity often taken for granted. A copy of this map was sent to our young visitor as a Christmas card.

Whilst the wildlife’s having fun underground , our grass top storytelling walks, nature walks and walks-of-life for individuals, continue to contribute to the wellbeing of our above ground visitors who have come from Canada, America, Australia, China, Indonesia and throughout Europe.

David James Lees @Peak_House leading a group Qigong meditation at the HoBB




Come to the HoBB for a walk of a lifetime and a talk through your lifeline, but please tread lightly wherever you see a notice sticking out of a hole in the ground saying ‘DO NOT DISTURB – Nature at work.’

“All journeys are in the detail”

If you are thinking of visiting the HoBB, here are some of the personal experience stories we hope you find useful:

Monika E. at the HoBB
Lucy Mackay-Sim
Florence Tapiau / Environment Journalist / Wwoofing at The HoBB
Rob Lockwood at the HoBB Project House
Russ Sherry at the HoBB
Kiersten Broderick at the HoBB
From America

And in French … Jeanne C. at the HoBB
Les vers de terre nomade (The Nomadic Worms)s

In Latvian

King Offa’s own Badge

When you need to refresh your clothes,
Your shoes, including your toes.
When your pigment’s been bleached
And your end has been reached
We are here at the end of your nose. Hello.


With a little help from his loyal subjects, King Offa has new clothes. Whilst his PR guys were pushing for something bright and vivid – Offa was hooked of the look-of-his-age – something cosy and matching his long long long long Dyke.

We brought in a selection of hand woven local materials whilst his PR guys spoke of a flashy new brand identity for ‘the street’. We quietly created a look to emphasise the rural  nature of his earth workings and combined it with a simple back-to-basics head band. Offa smiled, which is rare for him, and gave us the go ahead for the makeover. Exit PR guys. Enter quality.

We worked with Julia’s structure to freshen Offa’s image and adapted Joanne’s early colour scheme to fit in with Offa’s back to nature range. He wanted to ensure that his regular and new visitors to Knighton would still be able to recognise him in logo form as well as a welcoming character to the Offa’s Dyke Centre where tourists come to find news of all the local attractions and supporting local businesses.

When the new badges are ready, Offa will be presented with the first one we unpack, along with files of his logo in various formats so he can use it for greetings cards, forms and party invites.

Offa’s new brand identity badge is fit for every dyke walking king and queen as they arrive in Knighton from the North and South.