“The Perpetual Goal of the Common Turn-on” [Esserge Noynek. 1922 – 1992]

“The Perpetual Goal of the Common Turn-on” ( Esserge Noynek. (1922 – 1992)

If we can grasp common goals and traits.
If we can, together, devote time to shared aims.
If no matter who we are we can agree on certain journeys that must be taken and all turn out at times for the race that is the human race.

If when our minds lead and our hearts beat moments in sync we can capitalise on our situations and hold ground across all persuasions of creed, then the poets of Tempered Passions will have done their job,
and ‘contributed’ to progress, in a tangible, physical and fully spiritual way.

If after all and following everything to come, we still bicker away from seeing eachother, then those that know will have lost to those that neither know or wish to find out.

Some people search to find out and get to know what they like.
Some people know what they like but make no attempt to follow their thoughts.
Some people know their likes and have a go at following their thoughts through.
Some people know others likes and see every reason to work anon.
on the perpetual goal of the common turn-on.

This poem may have lost something in the translation but like Mr. Kipling, who also wrote exceedingly good poetry, including “If” (1910),  Noynek also understands ‘questing’ and ‘arriving’ but speaks of the motivations that drive people.