Lift new energies from within your team, by Grant design

Lift new energies from within your team

I design and host creative atmospheres  to spark participants into activity and catalyze ideas from within groups.

All the results are yours at the end of the day – no waiting!

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Groups of between two and ten are ideal.


New ideas are vital to:

  a)    promote the economy,
  b)    keep investors happy and
  c)    make sure you and your team reach your goal/s.

When individual minds come together in a lively creative atmosphere, they generate the energy to move forward on projects and stay ahead in the market.

As a very positive and progressive Designer, I motivate people, during meetings, to design better tomorrows for themselves and those around them. Being hands-on, my design folio is packed with hundreds of practical design solutions to communication needs – all produced for people-projects like yours.

My greatest strengths:

  • Live, face-to-face realtime motivational promotions during walks, at meetings, in fairs and at events.
  • Art-Direction.
  • Constructing creative works on site with your team.
  • Pre-preparing any display material you may need for your project presentation.
  • Presenting thoughts in diagrammatic form to a wide audience.
  • Going from brainstorm, to mind map, to plan, to role action and feedback in one hair-raising session with only two breaks for coffee (decaf. for me thanks)
  • Producing live info. / graphics to support projects.

My way of doing things on site:

  • I arrive,
  • I believe in your aims,
  • I connect with you / your team,
  • we work,
  • we finish it,
  • we celebrate the result/s.

And off site, we’ll do some HoBBshoring / Remote work afterwards to keep the results flowing.

See some of the results here with the stories behind them

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