There once was a local market
Where freshness, by default,
Was normal as they’d not discovered
Sugar, ice and salt.

They then found ways to slow decay
And freeze it to a halt.
Now jars and cans and freezer packs
We customers exalt.

But all tides turn
And in the wake
Of such economy
A fresh approach is gaining ground
That’s Totally Locally.

Following a meeting of Knighton retailers, just about to embark on their first Totally Locally event, we designed a word map, the artwork for a newspaper advert and a green and gold ticket promotion.

As part of the wider local promotion process we prepared a badge design featuring a King Offa cartoon which will go into the town’s next print run of ‘Welcome Leaflets’ and may be adapted for a soft toy mascot.

Our next project for Knighton is to produce a clear map, carefully scaled, to show the way the town evolved around its ancient castle walls.  Much of the research has been done by a local historian and our aim is to bring the town’s complex and fascinating history to life in an entertaining way.