ebooks to unfold, jump and dart about on your screen

The nature of publishing is awakening

Stay with us.

First the physical elf book,
then the digital screen,
now reality augmented,
next, fantasy made real.


In the words of children’s book author Rebecca Davies, keep it:

“full of new pirates and dragons, new dinosaurs and time machines, new aliens
and regular kids in extraordinary situations.”

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At Little People Books, our tale spinners are working to integrate AI and augmented reality experiences with both online  and offline experiences. This has meant subjecting them to all manner of digital magical, myth and fable, to create our first ebooks ready for our readers to share, edit and enjoy TO THE MAX.
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More Dragons!

Preview scene from the ‘Nine Tenets’. Little People Books



By: Grant
Narrated by: Grant
Length: 1 mins 50 secs
Release date: 30-10-17
Language: English
Publisher: Little People Books


Read by storyteller, Grant, this is the first in a series of audiopoems specially designed to accompany character illustrations and stories published by Little People Books.

Every poem has its own style to match the story it enriches. Some poems are written in regular rhythm and some take their own time as if they were staged plays.

Although this first poem release is eight legged, deep and web-based, much of Grant’s work is legless, light and nonsensical and although its purpose is always to provides the listener with added background storyline, most of the poems have enough individuality to be enjoyed without knowing much about the stories that spawned them.

©2017 Little People Books – Audio Track One

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