As the story goes, Jack and Jill went up Elf Hill

There is a hill close to the HoBB,
With bottom and with top,
And once you climb its lofty height
You’ll never want to stop.

Jack and Jill went up Elf Hill
told by Grant Jesse and Peter Scott

44pp   A5 size

15 Pages of Colour Illustrations
2 Colouring Sheet pages
Password in Little Password Book (inside)
Double page Elfland Underground Map
Elfland Photographs

ISBN  978-1-899573-23-3

Image of Learning ‘Elf Storytelling Series’
English Language Edn.

£5.99 +pp

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… and so the Story grows … as we welcome back to our Field Centre one of our favourite Volunteers, Andy, for a visit on his way to Climb a mountain this time, Mount Snowdon I think.