What’s Next?

What's Next, and beyond what's New ?

“The closer the future gets the clearer the vision becomes. As the past has been usefully learned and layered with respect, our abundance of tommorows dance in high expectation of what seeds we plant today. Nature is due our love, for Mother Earth has simply been that, a Mother Earth” (E.Noynek)

Over the next year, many of the topics listed below will be discussed at HoBB meetings. As every new view is important, we welcome contributions from you which can be sent in at any time.

“We can all be eachother’s extra eyes.” (E.Noynek)

1 Personal Development Topics:
Designer Abortions
Cartoons v. Avatars v. id
Arts Studio for Qi Gong Painting
Creativity Breaks in the Knowledge Garden
Art in the Field

2 FAQ’s – recently received :
How do your Art Experiences help children? (See thehobb.tv/000104      thehobb.tv/000273 and thehobb.tv/000264 )
Is Green Build just Woodwork or metal too? (We are building a forge to answer this)
Any photographs yet of your Willow Work? (One here we built for the Elf Book series)
Do you do Book Illustrations or General Illustrations? (Both)
What’s in your Knowledge Garden? (It is like our Knowledge Room)
Do you ever stop at the HoBB? (Ah! A chance to research another question!)
Do you write editorials and illustrate them too? (We do link words and images together)

3 We Write
Blog about Blogging … note 000011
Karmic Account
WoW Interviews (Tracks from two BBC radio progs. yet to be uploaded)
Self Promo spots
Traditional Wisdom
Integrity – the nitty gritty
Super String Theory ‘a la HoBB’ (New Theory daily)
Ideas Book 1 to 500 (Yet to be typed and uploaded)
Elevator Pitches (Yes we write these)
Poetry for motion
The Profound and the Profane (First Paul (Stanley) poetry collection still in print)
Little People Books [LPB] (New Site under Construction) (Archive Site)
A Poetry spot  (Twitter @PoetryEvent for update news on writings, books,events)
Nine Tenets (Poem collection growing. 1st published here)

4 We Draw
Despite straight lines
Educational Cartoons (Some on archive gallery here)
Landscape Features
British image Generators (BIG) (See HPC for news)
History of Fish Logo
Ginger Man Studio
Pulling both ways
Had a go at dry point work
Spot the Difference
The Spirit of Christmas Booze
Style without Frontiers

5 We Produce
Bread Oven (Yet to build new exterior entrance)
Gallery 37 (Background info. here)
WoW Exhibitions (Responsive site under construction) (Archive site)
Charity Garden Open Days
Oak Apple Day
Daglocks and mud
Inglenooks and hyde parks

6 Designs
Millenium Avenue – NFU quits the Elm idea
Far Forest Rustic Fencing
Brampton Bryan Hedge
Eiffel Tower Lemonade
Limpet Roof
Gardens as Exercise Gyms
WoW’s Wet Harvest Exhibition
Fish Packaging
Fruit Wrappers
Wood Stone Metal Fire Water
Crazy Gardeners
Tree Circus
Peace Gardens
Tales of the River Bank
Crescent Theatre (Site)
The Shouting Computer

7 Projects and Ideas
P.Y.O. Weeds – Free
Recycled Materials
Architectural Salvage
Organic Produce
Birthday Experiences from Plane Piloting to Train Driving
Produce a Party Event
Razor Shell Fish and Horse Mussel – clappydoos
Hobogen the Hedge
Ocean One
Fat Man Jim
Adopt a Box
River watch
The little lake
Think Tank Work Tank
The Dudley Superbusinessteam
Passion Filling Station
Evolving Thoughts
Stop the Flow

8 Gallery
Glass Bottles ‘found’!
Greenman (and Greenwoman) Artwork (Archive Site)
Evolving Environments
Avatar CV’s
Charity Cards
Guess the Caption
Do you recognise where this shot was taken?
Architectural Images

9 Interests
Shell Collecting
Building Materials
Hunter/ Gatherers
Red Kite
Traction Engines
Luxury Food
Humourous Sex
Craft Produce
Space Exploration
Knitting for Spiders
Log Books
Pasta Shapes
Scrap Books
Food for Free

10 Shopping
Hay on Wye
Farm Auctions
“What is it?” – I’ll buy one.
Packed like Sardines

11 Journeys
Places to go, people to see
Eden Project re-visited
Busting Quests
Elan Valley
Spiritual Journeys
Paths to ideas
Parachuting Maggot
Castles I have Conquered
Springs and Wells
Building Details
Little Lady on a Big Sandwich

12 Personal Comments
Citizen Grant
Beyond the set in the box
Fat Duck Foods
Cyber sex, cyber religion and cyber politics in one
Cyber help, cyber friends and cyber food ‘to go’
Whatever happened to SWAGS and ladies stockings?
Marche’ Common

13 Voluntary Work
Water Care
WoW Projects Book One, 1 to 91
Lobster Lecture
Missing Link
Restocking the pools
Final Earth Summit
Last Stop Oasis
Fish Tank TV
Ocean One

14 Identities
Individual identities within corporate identities
BookBod and friends
Attitudes to poll-tax
Friends Meeting House
School Closures

15 Where are they now?
Your own ‘lost contact’ file
Thinking of You
Good Relationships
Bill and Bertha Bamford at the Bar
Dinasaws dinasors dinersores and dinasaurs
J.J. Armistead
Ring in the New Back Cover
Stars at Night
Dodo Birds
The Gates of Hell and Heaven
My Cloak and that book I lent
Charles Lam
GuanXi bathed in Charisma
Used Horse Shoes
Oak Beams and Log Baskets
Brass and Stone Letters
Toasting Forks and Woodburning Fires
Newspaper packages tied up with string
The Stones from Stone Walls
The Record Collections of un-named warriors
Talbot Dog Genes
Missing Links
Your First Smile
Jelly Moulds
Water Watchers
Customs and seasons
Oak Apple Day 29 May. This is also ‘Arbor tree day’ nearby in Clun.
Midsummer’s Day 24 June The Bonfire to traditionally strengthen the waning sun
Tree Dressing Day 5 July
Rush-bearing ceremonies. Bishops Castle commemorates the time when church floors were stone or earth and covered year-round with rushes and herbs.
Grass Pasture Day 17 September A celebration of ‘grasses’ to bring good pastures for a good harvest
Hallowe’en 31 October Nutcrack Night, the opening of the first hazel nuts from store
Rememberance day for those we’ve forgotten
The tomb of the unsung hero
Shakespeare’s limericks
Missed Photo Opportunities
The Theory of Nothings
The Villages that time forgot
Clouds that blew over
Evidences overturned
Things that go bump in the night
Horse Troughs
Little Green Martians
Unpublished manuscripts
Words spoken without worth
Attention grabbing adverts for things no longer made
Languages and peoples now extinct
Superstitions superceeded
People friendly architecture

Whatever is next, and beyond that which I can confirm now, I do know that the closer we all get in the future the easier it will be to transfer visions with greater accuracy. Keep in touch, and remember, whilst your sharings brighten the dream, no star is lost which once you might have seen for you yet might be what once you might have been.

Waves, designed to go onward ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

British Image Group

In films, vlogs, tweets, augmented reality, print, and on the streets, it’s all about Image.

British Image Group archived site at http://web.archive.org/web/20041213012802/http://www.geocities.com:80/big_uk_2002/art_science.html

The British Image Group, founded in 1987, has now archived its background

Most of its founding members have their own websites or connect through HBC (HoBB Publishing Community)  and Jacketflap.

If you are a new writer, illustrator, editor or book designer and want some experience in publishing,  become a goalshare partner at Little People Books and we will share all we know with you, freely.


Children’s Book Illustrator, Camilla Zaza, asked about Illustration Agencies and whether it was a good idea to get an agent.

“Picture editors like choice. They collect and retain their own records of illustration styles whilst on the look out for ever fresher ones. Your best aim is to find the picture editors that want to use your style but here’s another aim you might like to consider ….

Imagine what it’s like for a picture editor. They get emails, cards, flyers, calls, visits and sometimes presents from illustrators. They get a lot. To be noticed as an illustrator, proof reader or designer, you need to stick out from the crowd.

One very well known picture editor who loved my work but never used it, told me this : “Grant, I have an illustrator that does wonderful figurative work in pencil. I have another that produces the slickest photoshop work on car engines and everything mechanical. Every illustrator I use has a set talent I can depend upon for specific contract requirement. Go away and only come back when I can place you in my mind as a specialist. There are thousands of illustrators who have great bulging folios of their work, but unless their work burns into my memory on first view, they stand no chance of working with me.”

So yes. I went away and specialised. However, I returned three years later to find the contact had retired.

Another editor once told me: “I like to enjoy my work. I use illustrators I like. It’s not just about the standard of their illustration, it’s about the whole process of putting the team together, producing the book, launching it and celebrating its popularity and sales. Once we know an illustrator and enjoy knowing them as a person, they become part of the team.”

So agents? Some are great. Most are busy. Many spend all their time devoted to getting contracts for those illustrators already on their books.

Self promotion? You can do this in a standard way or better still, you can stick out from the crowd and get noticed.

Is there a third way? Yes. In this plug-and-play world, more authors are teaming with illustrators and designers to create near perfect finished books (pdf format), excluding the legal page. An editor can scan-read these very quickly and spot an illustrator’s skill at adding image to story.

Is there a fourth way? I’m sure there are many more ways for illustrators, authors, designers, photographers, film makers and publishers to combine and create tomorrow’s world of entertainment, education and effective communication. The best recipe I know is through sharing and that’s why I started the HoBB Publishing Community.

British Image Group Founding Members:

Arlene Adams; Andrew Atkins; Lisa Bond; Hilary Brynston; Rob Chapman; Philip Cumpstone; Brendon Deacey; John Dunne; Gary Dunning; Paul France; Yvonne Harrington; The Late Jonathan Inglis; Phil Kenning; Linda Lewis; Sara Hayward; ; Petra Rohr-Rouendaal; the Late Paul Russell; Cathy Simpson; Lynne Willey; Ollie Tomlinson; Peter Scott; Grant Jesse.

Excerpt from rescued web ARCHIVE

Art Living
Art Science
Art Finance
Art Death
Art Coms.
Art Politics
Art Religion
Art of Art
Art Sex
Art of Live Aide
Art of Writing
Advertising Art
Preview Art
Black & White
Public Relations
Marketing Art
Gallery Notes
About Us
Missions Goals
Member Services
Patrons/ Clients
BIG Interests
British Image Group
[B.I.G.] established  in 1987
‘Birmingham Image Generators’

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.BIG started as a Self-help and steering
group set up by fellow artists in 1986.
It is now run as originaly planned to act
as negotiation agents to help artists into
higher prosperity.

B.I.G. Membership
This Web Site is dedicated to two members, ‘Kathy (Parrot on the left Shoulder) Jenkins’ and our great late founder and digital artist Jonathan Inglis.

You will need to email us initially if you are interested in applying for any one of our B.I.G. Membership categories. Applications are considered twice yearly (Summer and Winter) and we will eventually need to judge your big T.O.O.O. T.O. which is:

Three examples of your work [Print or Photo (35 mm slide) form only]
One very short written summary in your own words about your work to date
One short paragraph about “where you want to go with your stuff”
One sentence from you as to what drives you forward.
Two or three words that capture your style
One word or so that reveals your attitude towards life

We understand different needs and have evolved ‘Membership’ into two forms:

  a)  Active B.I.G. Members who progress their work alongside B.I.G.

b)  Friends of  B.I.G. – made up of past active members who are now
self-supporting champions in their chosen field/s or simply wish to
retain an interest in all things creative.

Can B.I.G. be for you?    …      maybe
In the early 1990’s, Jonathan Inglis and others running B.I.G. at that time, realised the impact of new media and the way in which creative disciplines were cross-merging to form new works and new working practices. Since that time, B.I.G. membership has been open to an ever widening group of like-minded individuals, all developing ways to communicate e.g. :

sound experimenters, interior designers,

sculptors, visualists, media mixers,

feature designers, calligraphers,

miniaturists, photographers, muralists,

carnival creators, storytellers, poets, dancers,

musicians, web designers, graphic artists, illustrators

landscape designers, toy makers, animators, visualisers.

The Art of Living

Few approach the mastering of their lifetime use as an art subject. Most take the pallet that is thrown at them, carve very little, dance on thick ice, cling on tight to the song of their Fathers’ – wholly wrapped in a human-nature-bound canvas.

Nature plays this trick on
us and on every other
living creature from an A moeba to a Zebra.To understand the strength
of this Nature-pull, we
need to stand back and
see life in sections and
Art is a great momentary
isolator. One flash of a
camera and a subject is frozen alight. One flick of a switch and even a dark empty room at the Tate Modern comes to life. For some, a Creed helps to enlighten life, for others, the works of poets, composers or computer games programmers.

For us all to feel bright and brighter, we need to be exposed to the ‘wonder of it all’ and this means the magic of life. We all seem to like the wizardry of  Tolkein and the now legendary world of Harry Potter, according to box office records, so why do some of us adopt a lifestyle closer to that of a humdrum humanoid?

We humans have come a long way and we need to get further.There is an art to ‘being here’ and ‘getting there’ and life itself must proactively develop that art – the art of perpetual existence – life.

Let this ‘art of living’ be bland for no-one’s palette of mind, body or spirit, and let us continue to learn how to evolve our ‘now time’ into their ‘tomorrow time’.

One of the favourite topics at ‘B.I.G. Meets’ is ‘lifestyle‘ and how too many people, World-wide,  ‘end up’ with a lifestyle they did not style themselves. We all adopt some pre-styled facets in life – all born of the past, but we can always try to ‘go one better’ in every field of human endeavour so long as creative thinking is encouraged,  rewarded and supported.

Who said ‘Life is not a rehearsal’? Next time you think you have the art of living under your belt, check out your answer to this question:

“Are YOU living the lifestyle that YOU designed?”

Maybe you need a  B.I.G.  powerful creative force to gain ground for you.

on this page by kind permission of Phillip Tussell
(© 1999, 2000) who’s work explores what he calls ‘part-stable slow-decay’ and the preceding moments in earth metabolism that create changes within communities.

At top of Page:


If you are NOT on this list but feel your skill should be included, then tell us about what you do and we can spread your news further afield (email us)

Membership Update: (2001/ 2002)

Associate BIG Membership:
Ideal for Students, having limited experience of servicing commissioned work briefs, but having demonstrated a clear talent within their chosen medium.
£10 per annum (2000/ 2001/ 2002)

Full Individual BIG Membership:
Experienced practising individuals, servicing commissioned contracts. Join BIG for the essential networking, net linking and group support)
£18 per annum (2001/ 2002)

Corporate BIG Membership:
Companies commissioning Creative Work through our BIG links – (Join – hey, we do a good job and your first £25 discount will get your fee back instantly on your first commission)
£25 per annum (1999/ 2000/ 2001/ 2002)

Managed Associate BIG Membership: (2002/ 2003)
A Member who likes to get on with the creative work with a non silent BIG partner promoting the stuff World-wide – out there to make money in
the market, today.
£57 (first year only) plus Negotiable % on contracts for minimum 2 or 3 year agreements.  (Please read below the article by Emma C. for new details)

Friends of B.I.G. Membership:
Once you have been an active ‘full member’ of B.I.G. for a full a year you can of course continue and renew if you are still finding B.I.G. useful and relevant to your work. All members who have supported the work and aims of B.I.G. are entitled to be included as ‘Friends of  B.I.G.’ for life and will always be welcome at B.I.G.

The Creatives’ Law
by Emma C.

“I was amazed that a group like ‘BIG’ existed! I went to see them first in a pub and found them instantly likeable. I am not sure who the **** I  spoke to as I was taking notes most of the time! But whatever question I had, somebody there helped me out with the answer, a phone number or some contact. I’d just got through my M.A. and was suddenly mixing it with professionals ‘just instant like’. That’s gotta be about 5 years ago, but even now in Australia I still keep the notes I took on that day and what’s more, I know that if get back to the U.K. at any time, they’ll be there. They have this ‘Creative’s Law’ that works :

The more you communicate, the more you have to say. The more things you have to say, the better you need to communicate and the more people you need to support you’.

I found that as I progressed my career I got involved with a load of new disciplines and ways to explore communication. I am not an ‘island’ type of person, but I did feel isolated from mainstream at one time in my life – B.I.G did a lot to widen out my views, help my confidence and  helped me to plan out some good routes for my future.

The big things to remember are best left to B.I.G. to explain but it’s all about pushing yourself forward and protecting your work. I was an Associate Member for one year when it was just £8 and a full member for two further years ….. but B.I.G. is bigger than any group I have come across since, because for me, it is permanent. I know I can contact other members and I know that when they say ‘Friends of B.I.G.’ they really mean ‘Big Friends’ “.

2002 Sign up with BIG for a Bonus:
Recent changes to the UK Copyright Laws now allow your Family to benefit from the sale of your work for 75 years after your death so think long term.Your earnings are linked with 3 main points: your creative ability, your style and your marketing methods.  Your total earnings during your lifetime must secure your home, your family, health and maybe pension.

Complete your application and email it today to our Membership Secretary

By registering as a Managed Associate Member
in 2002
you and your family can benefit from your Creative Talents to the MAX.
It’s your subscription thus it is YOUR MONEY … let’s spent it on YOU.!

We’re going to send a BIG chunk of it to secure your name and your work in an International Copyright Collection Agency, and believe it, this is a useful and vital one-off  Payment that lasts for 75 years beyond your lifetime, continually feeding
your Family –  a marvellously secure feeling;  a great gift for their future AND your present.

This is just the BIG start.  Then, we’ll use £2 towards admin. plus £10 for getting you your own page on the net, fitting into your marketing plan and your folio design – this is truly the unique value of a BIG self-help Group run and supported by fellow creatives.

We do all this for a one-off total of £57.00 which also includes Full Membership for a year and Life Membership of “Friends of B.I.G.”

There is no other UK artist-led group doing this for its UK members
…… there should be …. but we’ve not come across any. Even B.I.G. are
just ‘trialing’ it for just one year, 2002, at the moment, to see how it goes.

The Art of Science
Science is but one avenue of art. It studies within mainly known physical palettes of generally earth-held hues. Its thoughts are challenged mainly by the ‘Act of Creation’ itself as it strives to catch-up with this magical beginning point that it never witnessed. It takes a great artist to be a great scientist.
The skill to ‘dream past today’s knowledge and understanding’ is taught in so few schools.  BIG have a great interest in education and several of our members teach or have been teachers. One particular member, *Peter Scott, did his MA in ‘closure’ – a study of how people create ‘conclusions’ when there are gaps in human knowledge. He now works freelance for many educational publishers producing effective cartoons that really communicate!

The main art of science lies in quantifying these gaps with new ‘knowledge’ – often being inspired by the artists that dream into these same gaps to write a sci-fi novel or design a new movie’s space ship.

At BIG, we believe that the ‘science of art’ and the thinking of the creative art mind is of great value to the progress of human society.


The star captains of art, from
‘L. da Vinci’ to ‘Dali’ are as famous for their abilities to ‘go boldly’ as a star ships’ crew ‘boldly goes’ – both to seek out new worlds where no-one has gone before.


 To all that quest and take on the very challenging task to make dreams appear on the World’s canvass, BIG give pedestals of the ‘Noblest’ kind.

* Many B.I.G. Members have their own web sites or hold one or more pages on other sites.

One such operator is Peter Scott MA. We checked out his dossier. The work stacks. Burning creative day and night hours to nail a brief, Scott delivers. Just like the first day he presented a neat brown envelope of toons to B.I.G. when applying for membership

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© B.I.G. 2001/2002 > Webmaster karavadra@btclick.com > B.I.G. Secretariat email  >