Beyond normal explanation

The day starts like no other. It’s an unusual day.

The HoBB is closed as there’s a virus about!

There’s still a vibrant luminescence, under each frosted green blanket of Spring’s daily dawn, but only the squirrels, moles, rabbits, sheep and birds witness it.

Here’s a few recent photographs of HoBBian Nature emerging:



Green Belt Grey Belt

As industrial farming grows, the traditional countryside view of green fields, trees, crops and animals gives way to polytunnels, coated aluminium sheet roofing, concrete yards, greenhouses and floating sea cages.

As the population of the World grows, we demand more food from the earth and ocean than it can produce naturally.  In an attempt to communicate this to those who reproduce in their millions without slowing down, I have started to sketch a series of ideas for future paintings.

This is my first sketch:
Title:    Green Belt Grey Belt. 28cm x 20cm. Pencil and ink.