By: Grant
Narrated by: Grant
Length: 1 mins 50 secs
Release date: 30-10-17
Language: English
Publisher: Little People Books


Read by storyteller, Grant, this is the first in a series of audiopoems specially designed to accompany character illustrations and stories published by Little People Books.

Every poem has its own style to match the story it enriches. Some poems are written in regular rhythm and some take their own time as if they were staged plays.

Although this first poem release is eight legged, deep and web-based, much of Grant’s work is legless, light and nonsensical and although its purpose is always to provides the listener with added background storyline, most of the poems have enough individuality to be enjoyed without knowing much about the stories that spawned them.

©2017 Little People Books – Audio Track One

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Compared with today’s HTML5ed web sites, my 2016 archived site looks prehistoric.

“Grant’s social media skills are well…not what you might think of when you hear the word social media. His social media skills are the ones that sustain all those platforms. Grant is a connection – nurturer, he has developed his unique and amazing warm way of staying in contact with the people in his network. That is a social media software skill in my book.

Second, he still has the same website with pages and pages of blog entries. Social Media CONSISTENCY has yet to be invented! I just did and Grant is proving it.

Presenting oneself, and any business endeavour in the virtual world, and in such a consistent way, confirms how Grant values the people factor over the profit factor. That makes him all the more reliable in doing business with.”

Lisa Bakker  (January 19, 2016)

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