Elf’s Fish Adventure – as the story goes …

The bigger the fish,The harder to catch.
The biggest – in the mind.
The giants are shy
And that is why
They’re very hard to find.

Elf's Fish Adventure

Elf’s Fish Adventure
told by Grant Jesse and Peter Scott

44pp   A5 size

16 Pages of Full Colour Illustrations
2 Colouring Sheet pages
Password in Little Password Book (inside)
Double page Elfland Underground Map
Elfland Photographs

ISBN  978-1-899573-17-2

Image of Learning
Elf Storytelling Series

English Language Edn.

… and so the Story grows …

When fish start sporting handlebars


When fish start sporting handlebars
I walk to Heartsease Wood
Where fallen fingers
Thinned by season
Chosen for reason
Re-visit their arms
To await mossen beds
And woollen threads
Of cup carved charm
From which the beak cracking
Beat of new being
Frees itself for its
First taste of air.

Here, where high traffic’s
Viewed as tranquil
Do the quill makers soar
To be shot for these writer’s pourings
Onto pulp that too
Grows no more.
Yet as words do fly
So must I
When fish start sporting handlebars
And I,
As part of Heartsease,
Feed the wood.

Grant  @PoetryEvent