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Case Studies – and the stories behind them:

For a new HQ, I was commissioned to design the reception area in full which included furniture, clock, signage and product display.
Reception Area Transformation:    Had a call from a photographer who had been asked to take some promo shots of a company. Problem was, the company’s reception lacked that certain ‘look’ that photographers need to capture. After a meeting with his client, I worked with the photographer and came up with a totally new HQ reception design.  I was commissioned to design the entire reception area and between us we organised the full build project including lounge furniture, product displays, reception desk, signage, bronze effect wall claddings and even their 6 international clocks. A welcoming makeover that resulted in an ever healthier turnover.

Nurturing Young Minds:    I met a fascinating author and over a lunch of shared beetroot soup and artisan bread, we discussed the need for new educational tools to teach phonemes at pre-school age. The outcome was a series of early reader English language storybooks. The original contact was via a comment made in the Welsh Government’s Business Eye Forum.  The knock-on result from this collaboration kick started our charity’s imprint, Little People Books.

Empowering the Visually Impaired:    My collaboration with Acuity Design resulted in a raised braille lettering system to help blind parents teach their sighted children to read. This project truly touched my heart.

Two of my shopfront designs here. One for an Italian Pizza Take away, the other for a Chinese Herbalist which led to a contact with a fellow artist so we got together and designed his web site and photographed his first product range.
Creating Memorable Shopfronts:    The new owner of a small shop unit in Birmingham, UK, wanted to open it as a traditional Italian Pizza Takeaway named Lucciano’s. In the image above left, you’ll see my shopfront design and the design for the modular counters.and another for a Chinese Herbalist, highlight my versatility in design.

Making People Healthier:
When I first visited the ladies hair salon run by Rose it was full of customers chatting about all manner of issues – none of them to do with hair.  I was there to listen to the plans of the owner who, with her new partner, wanted to create a peaceful meditative space on the high street for discussing issues of well being. They were both good at listening and helping people and as one was a herbalist, learning about the benefits of acupuncture, we agreed that a Chinese ‘look’ to the shopfront would attract attention.  (See Above Centre photo of finished construction for 424). After a short while, Rose and her partner David visited the HoBB and brought with them many of their inner city supporters to experience the value of tai chi, qi gong and wu wei in the HoBB gardens.  Whilst wu wei in Chinese means ‘non-doing’ or ‘doing nothing’, we enjoyed long chats over breakfast, lunch, dinner and deep into the night sometimes, about three wisdoms, namely, wellbeing, happiness & being in the flow.

During breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and projects, these three life enablers still give HoBB guests and WOW volunteers ‘food for thought’  as together we design ways to navigate more effortless flows through eachother’s life’s moments. Some personal reviews from guests and volunteers.

Creating a transitional toy:
I received a call from the author and educationalist Rose Carr who was interested in my help to develop early reading material linked to a transitional toy and several learning games. This led to the creation of a group of dinosaur characters and a soft toy, Dinolad (see imagebelow) and much moreFull story here.

“Transitional objects not only bridge the connection from home to school, but allow for the emergence of a child’s inherent sense of self – supported, respected and honored by early childhood educators, which, according to psychologist Abraham Maslow, “matters more than anything else in the world.” (Source: Psychology Today. Date: 2014. Author: Colleen Goddard Ph.D. student at Fielding Graduate University studying the significance of transitional objects at the beginning and end of life).

Dinolad (soft toy)
Dinolad: A Jurassic Adventure: 


Starting a fan club:
Ever joyous TV Chef, Rustie, called me with project in mind. She had 12 sacks of fan mail to answer and more sacks building up daily. With such a pressing timetable I brought in staff, prepared her fan club support software, designed print material, wrote a song, visited a majorTV host, lost sleep, ate my way through Mrs. Edwards most delicious fried dumplings and gave my stomach the best time of its life sampling Rustie’s cuisine. There was no time to think where the expertise for starting a TV star’s fan club membership system was going to come from but it arrived, as did her second restaurant and ongoing success.

Building housing in a flood plain:
When the cost of land is low, it’s good to know why. Given the problem was annual flooding, I designed a ‘first floor’ house (plan below) to accept the water whenever it arose.

House Design

Art Meets Fundraising:
Given the chance to curate a charity fundraising art exhibition at Birmingham Botanical Garden in aid of the World of Water charity, I said yes and, as one of the charity trustees, set to work with artists, framers, volunteers and staff. The exhibition was put together in 3 months – ample time.

As the location was botanical, the exhibition was titled “Plant Crossing’ and it allowed World of Water to comment, through artworks, on water use in hydroponic farming and agriculture.

The Door Hangs Well:
Ornate Door Design has been on my ‘must-try‘ list since the first plain-looking door I made in Birmingham under the guidance of Bharat, who helped me fashion a larger than usual fire door to a WWII bomb shelter.

Door Designed for a garden office

Behind the above door is the small exhibition ‘bod’ that sits in the HoBB gardens, and at night, its fretwork is silhoutted by ca looking out.ndlelights inside. When the moonlight is strong, you get the same effect standing inside when looking out.

Sustainable Energy Innovation:
“Your interpretation work on our LFHV Tidal Turbine presentation played a crucial role in advancing Hales Turbines sustainable energy solutions (HoBoGen).”

Inlaid Oak Signage:
Prepared as a ‘sample’, I fashioned this sign (image below) for a  well loved Taoist monk who is one of the two guiding lights within Wu Wei Wisdom . “Busily doing nothing”  if you translate Wu Wei from the Chinese, but in my view, he’s busily doing a lot of good.

My fav. line from Bing’s “Busily Doing Nothing” song?
It has to be:

“I have to watch the river
To see that it doesn’t stop”.

Prototype  signage (viewed from behind)
Label Design for range of culinary preserves

Business Performance diag.

Bathroom Tiling Design

Book Spread Design:  After attending a course on snail farming and escargot cuisine, a farmer asked us to research and design a snail farm to include external enclosures. SnailsRus

UK South Coast Snail Farm Design within existing polytunnel

Aquacultural Expertise:   Having a background in aquaculture, I  was commissioned to design a new trout restocking farm after extensive gravel extraction works. No shortage of gravel for the paths. No clay for pond puddling.

From Internet Café to Holiday Camp:   My design skills have been put to the test in various projects, from an algae production lab at Scottish Sea Farms and more recently, a National Water Awareness Centre, but in all my design days I didn’t image a day trip to a Butlin’s Holiday Camp’s to prepare sketch designs for their entrance, shopping mall and shop.

At the moment, I’m still researching AI and how useful it can be in speeding up the time between inception and first presentation. When there’s a need to look at a selection of design options, eg. presenting interior design scheme sample boards or illustration styles to match storybooks, I can now make a same day or next day meeting after initial request. For example, the following summary about Arthurian Legend, with images, took me a morning to do – and I’m just learning it in my spare time.

People-to-People AI:
I can see the future of meeting a client for the first time and putting my next to theirs, whilst we order coffee, so that an AI app can tell us what common ground we share. This will help people get to the core of meetings, skirt side issues and save time.

Can’t see bot-to-bot AI achieving the same, ever, because it would not have ‘reason’ even if it had more reasoning power.

There’s been a glut of ebooks since AI dropped. It has watered down the market and given some very poor quality books a stage. This will settle back and the same goes for prompt-to-video AI as film-makers come out of every corner.

I produced some AI ebooks during my research so let me know if you need any help or comments on your own research/ aims. And if your books are water-related and for young learners, WOW’s imprint, Little People Books, are presently open to reviewing one page summaries with or without image/s.


Architectural Brilliance:
I designed the architectural presentation scheme for a new Bar, Restaurant, and Golf Club House. Not so much showcasing my flair for creating unique spaces, more my skill at following requirements to the letter. More:  Golf Club House.

Overseas Collaborative Success:
Collaborating with fellow designer Martin Hulse, we designed a shop conversion and display system for a trade and retail outlet in the Czech Republic.

Innovative Car Showroom:  I transformed disparate building photographs into a new design for a major car showroom. Partly demonstrating my creative problem-solving abilities but more than likely, my strengths at disguising collage.  More:  major car showroom.

Design 000216
Rolls Royce Dealership


Reviews and Media Quotes

From a theme park design for a B.B.C. television show to an interior design for Paulton's Wine and Coffee Bar, I really enjoy using my design skills to communicate at speed. The TV audience got a four second look at our theme park and Paulton's got the funding after just a 30 minute bank meeting. I was surprised to get a call from a new shoe company but loved looking through the latest Italian designs and figuring out a range of design options for slippers you put into the washing machine like any other clothing.
Versatility at Its Best:  From theme park design to interior design for Paulton’s Wine and Coffee Bar, I thrive on using my design skills to communicate effectively and efficiently.
Exploring New Horizons:  I even ventured into the world of shoe design, exploring a range of options for slippers designed to go in the washing machine.






GALLERY   (Above: Garden Feature designs by Grant) (Below: Tids Slipper website design by Grant)


(Above) Photoshop image retouch on poster design for World of Water Sea Bed Mariculture Unit by the one and only Tim Griffiths)
Bonsai pot design by Grant
(Above: Bonsai pot design studies by Grant for Castle Pottery)
Art Design by Grant
Artwork Design by Grant


For the logo and covers design that made the Premier League, visit
Logo and photo-retouching for Dugouts (Importers) by Grant
(Above: Garden Feature Design by Grant)

(Below: Garden Cuppa packaging design by Grant)


Wall Hanging Design by Grant
(Above: Wall Hanging Design by Grant using plastic debris washed ashore and collected by #2minutebeachclean)
(Above: Packaging Design for soft toy charm by Grant)
(Above: Logbook Design by Grant)
(Above: Badge Design for ‘Visit Knighton’ by Grant)


Textile Design by Grant
T(Above: Surface or textile Design by Grant)


(Above: Poster design for Spring Green’s Fair by Grant)

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