Elf’s Hat – as the story goes …

Elf has lost the hat he loves.
He loves his sister too.
Where have they gone?
Are they both lost,
Or are they out of view?

Elf's Hat

Elf’s Hat
told by Grant Jesse and Peter Scott

40pp   A5 size

14 Pages of Full Colour Illustrations
2 Colouring Sheet pages
Password in Little Password Book
Double page Elfland Underground Map
Elfland Photographs

ISBN  978-1-899573-19-6

£5.99 +pp

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Image of Learning
Elf Storytelling Series

English Language Edn.

… and so the Story grows …

Storytelling Hut design

Trad Rural Elf ArchitectureThere’s a magical showcase of traditional Elf Land Features nestling into a secret garden near you. It’s secret, so you may never find it, but the little people who built its features probably did part of their apprenticeship here at the HoBB.

We design habitats that the whole family (and elves) can enjoy. These can double-up as tool sheds, meditation dens, or as a low flying Pan once suggested, a story house for your Wendy Darling

The Elf features you can experience at the HoBB Gardens, are just about big enough for Little People, making them great places to entertain Peter Pan rather than Peter Griffin.

So when you feel the moment’s right
and there’s ‘magic in the air’,
create a secret garden place
and show an elf you care.

More feature examples …

Trad Rural Elf Architecture

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