Sea to Land and back again?

Finding our land legs took millions of years and as soon as we stood tall enough, we reached for the sky then outer space – in search of … water and a new home.

Old Tree at Oak Sping, The HoBB

What’s wrong with our existing home? In the future, it will be in the wrong place in space and too hot for comfort as the sun burns its limited supply of energy. Can we move the Earth into a safe orbit further away from the Sun? It’s an idea and somebody’s working on it. Can we find a new planet – Earth 2?  The search continues as I type.

In the meantime, can we stretch out the use of ‘EARTH 1’ and keep it fit-for-use? And I mean fit for every bit of Mother Nature’s complex, evolving and ever rebalancing ways.  Maybe.

My toon today is of the Old Tree at The HoBB, drawn whilst contemplating news of an inland seaweed farm #montereybayseaweeds

“When,” asks the old and usually wise tree, “will it be time for us land lubbers to do a ‘U’ turn and start evolving our seeds for growth in sea water?”

Maybe the sea change has started. Maybe it’s time to return to gaining our food from the sea as we clear away forests and turn all land mass into one big construction site.

The future’s looking fishy in many ways – and from a vegan point of view, seaweedy too. Fancy a taste of what might be our future? Head over to the Dutch Weed Burger Co. and let me know @_Grant what you think.