Character designed and illustrated for cover of children’s study book

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Theatre Set Design

I’ve been sitting too long today doing a set design project, so tomorrow I’ll get out into the cool 9 degrees C. and work off the extra few grams that are still lingering after a second helping of Christmas pudding before New Year’s Eve.

But before I meet tomorrow’s chill, here’s something a bit chilly from the book “The Development of the Theatre” by Allardyce Nicoll (3rd Edn. Pub. 1948 by George G. Harrap). It is a set design for a production of ‘Macbeth’ in New York and it looks strangely like the front freestanding part of my set design for a production of ‘Farndale Avenue … Macbeth’ at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham which I’ve included at the base of this blog.  It would be kinda spooky if I didn’t realise that ‘originality is merely undetected plagiarism’.

Design by Robert Edmond Jones
Design by Grant


Further stage production design by Grant include:Sheila Carradine’s Direction of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte starring Cathy Homer and Patrick Baladi