Shell Museum of Design & Decomposition

Plans are underway to re-form the World’s only Shell Museum of Design and Decomposition, first open to the public in 1978 at Aber Gwen Mill, Pencader, Wales.

For over Five Hundred Million Years, Nature’s design on Earth was one of Permacycle – gathering in the energy from the Sun to feed and evolve life.  Although we are one of the results of that long history, we have gone against its grain by inventing un-natural pollutants and very hard to recycle materials.

As we become more and more aware of the many problems we create for the Natural World, and ourselves, we look more closely at how Nature kept balance in our absence to see if we can learn how to help Nature recover and in turn, extend our life on Earth. There is nothing to say we will achieve this but there’s every possibility that we might.

The Shell Museum of Design and Decomposition displays working examples of Nature’s Permacycle alongside Nature’s wonders of design through evolution.

We’re always looking to collaborate with those who are working to secure a perpetual future.

Background to the Museum:

Only Fools and Humans think that the Earth can survive forever without changing our ways and FAST