The HoBB Garden planning

Original Garden KEY:
Lockdown Update 2020: The HoBB garden is only open for private family or individual guided viewing, by prior appointment, from Spring to October.

1: Summer Bod with views towards the source of the Ffrwdwen Brook
2. Studio
2a. Original Sheep Bod (presently housing plans of the World of Water Aquaponic units)
3. Wood Store. Wood Bods. To include greenhouse over grey water store.
4.  Kudo cooking station
5.  UV filter and Tank Bod
6.  East Spring  with water storage and distribution tanks
7.  Grass composting and Willow Wood store.
8.  West Spring and store for road run-off water.
9.  Streamline Green water collection.
10. Embankment steps leading from greenery & hide into pond.
11. Old seed bods – now greenhouse for vegetables above wicking beds.
12. Water bod site for new natural pond with duckboat.

Not labelled on map:
13. Two-Oak Spring
14. Hedera Walk
15. Fruit Garden Screenhouse
16. W.E.T. system and osier bed
17. Road run-off water collection tank
18. Vineyard (Privately owned)

The HoBB Gardens are in their infancy, sandwiched between the remains of the C12th Castle of Cnwclas, one mile to the East, and the original site of its vineyards to the West.

The history of the castle and its medieval vineyards remains underground but  the whole area is thought to have been first tended by the Monks of Abbey Cwmhir when they built their HQ in the Teme valley two miles down the road.

Most of the original farm layout has been retained and there’s still evidence of some 18th Century plantings. During the renovations, we are designing around existing features, levels and planting. Two new terraces are being added to extend the gardens (left) towards the South.

Here, everything is done ‘bit by bit’, and from early Spring each year, friends and student volunteers visit (via and to enjoy the HoBB Gardens and lend a hand with restoration and construction plans.

Garden Phase I – the harmony of Wood with Stone
Many elements are working in unison to create the HoBB.  The ‘five early elements’  of EARTH,  WOOD,  WATER . FIRE  & METAL are all here to be enjoyed at the HoBB.  Certainly all FLORA, and FAUNA, have increased since we started to put our energies into the gardens. We have created a range of new ‘habitats’ for wildlife from ‘land reefs’ to ‘stone shelters’. More are planned so that the land provides food, shelter, niche habitats and wide variety of conditions for landscape harmony.

We keep track of what we are achieving using a large 300+ section grid of the site. As it is too large to view on your screen in any useful size, here is an example of fifteen of the sections: (shown below in a small scale)







Are YOU an Engineer?

Presenting the wonder that is AQUAPONICS, just took on a new twist.

Schema with box
Design for Aquaponics Tour Exhibit for World of Water charity. (Drawing 001 by Nicolas Roy at École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques (ENSMM) Aug.2015)

Are you an engineer?
Our charity, World of Water, urgently needs your voluntary help in building a World Awakening Display to show everyone the urgent need for ever wiser water use in food farming.

When clean water is spread on agricultural land, along with organic or inorganic fertilisers, it continually washes the soil and damages it each and every season. After years of such abuse, soil becomes dry dust, needing more water and more nutrients to get a crop.  This is happening in the most intensive farming areas of the World.

Unless we use water and nutrients more wisely, the World risks the biggest famine it has ever known. Millions will die.

We need your help now to develop farming ways that do not waste water, energy and nutrients. Farming systems that:

  • provide crops with the water they actually need for growth
  • put all the nutrients into the crops
  • allow soil structures to rebuild
  • stop fertiliser wash-out into rivers and therefore …
  • giving rivers and estuary wildlife a chance to recover and regenerate.

There is an ever-increasing World demand for food. There is a need to adjust our farming methods accordingly to provide this food. If we cannot provide enough food, yet keep on producing more mouths to feed, we have a problem.

As a charity, our aim is to create better health. At World of Water, we care for the solution. Water – wiser water use. Our programme of research includes the ancient ways of aquaponics. Updated, these ways make better use of water, land space and nutrients.

Through Research, Practical Experience and Education, we help to develop the methods, know-how and understanding to prosper. We gain support for our work, we need to reach the consumers of food before food becomes scarce, highly priced or simply not on the shelves.

To do this we have designed the first of a series of fantastic animatronics machines including pumps, lights, PV and solar power system, recycled water store, sun sculpt, algae panels, plants, fish and flowing food. We now need to make theses designs into practical working demonstrations for public and trade display.

Parts can be made in your own workshop or you can use our Field Centre.

If you see the future of better water engineering in food production we would like to talk with you..