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Journeys : The HoBB Underground for Rabbits Moles and Earthworms

The HoBB Underground for Rabbits Moles and Earthworms


Now at the HoBB, there's 12th way to look at life and that's through the paths and tunnels created by wildlife.

The above map of the HoBB Underground was created for a 4yr old visitor who became so fascinated with the rabbit holes and mole hills on our field centre that we got out a map and plotted them all. The result surprised us too.

Underneath the existing 'Paths of Wellbeing' regularly trodden by visitors there's a network of connectedness often forgotten until digging a trench or making a hole for a new fence post.

Once the survey of this out-of-sight network was done, we put all our design skills into creating this map. Now it is used to make visitors aware of all the below site activity taken for granted. A copy of this map was sent to our 4yr old visitor as a Christmas card.

Whilst the wildlife's having fun under the grass, we will continue to make improvements to the storytelling walks, nature walks and walks-of-life for individuals, groups and above ground wildlife.

"All journeys are in the detail"

Posted by Grant

Posted By grant at 4.54 PM on 01/Jan/2013.

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