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Gallery : HoBB Biennial (Part of Herefordshire Art Week)

HoBB Biennial (Part of Herefordshire Art Week)

Herefordshire Art Week

Applications for the HoBB Biennial 2010 start in July 2009.

For h.Art week 2009 information, visit

HoBB Biennial 2008 was celebrated during h.Art week (Herefordshire’s Open Studio event) with a ‘behind the scenes’ exhibition of eight HoBBian projects.

It was a rare chance for visitors, both public and fellow designer-makers, to see and discuss all matters of art, craft and design in the informal and enchanting setting of the HoBB Garden Studio.

We held several special events during the week including: Talks, HoBB Garden Overground Tours plus Hypertuffa & Papercrete Garden Sculpt Demonstrations.

On display were a selection of drawings, paintings, writings, sculpture, constructions, installations, photography, designs, lettering, crafts, topiary and woodwork.

With over 127 studio venues taking part in h.Art 2008, visitors enjoyed a wealth of direct contact with all manner of creative talent over a one week holiday period.

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Posted By grant at 12.09 AM on 11/May/2010.

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