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Designs : Wand curves planting and silver basket pictures

Wand curves planting and silver basket pictures

Wand curves planting and silver basket picturesLiving Structures - Silver Basket


Just in from a bit of tidying up outside and thought these pictures typified this HoBB morning.

Nearly all hedgerows around the HoBB Gardens are 'pleatched' i.e. cut and laid to form a barrier to livestock, especially cattle and sheep. This group of hazel trees (see picture) was saved from the pleatcher's cut to form a woven 'basket' with no cutting, making a fine silvery feature in winter.

Some plants react favourably to this sort of manipulation and if you are keen to track down some extremes, look up references to the curiously ornamental 'tree circus' in America. The HoBBian tree circus has happened in a more unplanned way as previous farmer-gardeners have put plants to practical use. Gradually, we are supplementing the past with plantings for the future, enjoying our role as one link in a continuing chain of evolving events.

'Man-made' landscapes and gardens are only beautiful when they arise from a deep understanding of Nature. At the HoBB Gardens our method is to persuade and stimulate nature rather than conquer and exploit her.

With ingenuity, beautiful gardens can be created anywhere and with imagination spaces between walls can be made as enchanting as walls within spaces. It is the spirit of approach to design that creates the environment.

Gardens grow in the 'growing' and their growth needs to be well managed to get the full effect. Too many television programmes tackle interiors and gardens in the same 'make-over' way - they design and work under the most adverse conditions of speed and with a team they seem to create an instant dream. It is an illusion to think that a quick fix creates any deep dream that lasts.

When I watch some of these garden make-over programmes, that which is uppermost in my mind, is the question of piecemeal development. Each individual garden ends up as an isolated island of effort and expenditure akin to the walled and moated castles of the past too few designers ask "but what does it look like from next-door".

I feel designers, artists, architects, developers and planners should feel for the whole into which they place their individual works. The physical world is one living structure and has become too small to support isolationists, and the rule of 'think globally, act locally' must prevail in all that we all do.

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant

Posted by : Grant
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Posted By grant at 12.09 AM on 11/May/2010.

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