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From Birmingham Illustrators Group to British Image Group to the HoBB Publishing Community

000256From blog to tweet to FB Wall postings and on to ebooks - the tools to publish your own works online are available to all..

If you are still wondering exactly how to go about it, read sites such as WordPress, Moveable Type or go to - a self-help group of authors helping each other into epublishing.

I'm always learning more about publishing but ever happy to share what I know from my background.

B.I.G. Background Info.

Once upon a time …
A useful self-help group of photographers and illustrators was born, called the Birmingham Image Group. Everyone in the group was keen to get into publishing and be published.

For many years, monthly meetings were in Birmingham (UK) pubs, members’ homes, wine bars and restaurants. These were well attended. As membership grew to include graphic designers, calligraphers, model-makers, cartoonists, architectural delineators, fine artists and sculptors, the group changed its name to B.I.G. (British Image Group).

Sadly, the Group’s founder, the late great Jonathan Inglis, was hit by a bus outside the Custard Factory (Birmingham) and died. The enthusiasm to continue meetings dropped suddenly. Many of the members, including myself, moved away from the Midlands - just a few members kept in touch.

B.I.G. could have fizzled out or ended there, but the Group’s web site continued to attract enquiries and assist others keen on publishing and being published. It was hosted by the now defunct geocities for a while but it needs a good rebirthing. So if you are interested, can put together a great web site and are keen on getting involved with quality creatives, contact me and let's stretch w3 or maybe launch w4/ w5 ...

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Posted by grant at November 23, 2010 01:28 PM

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