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GOALSHARE your Project for the New Year


Everything needs doing by somebody.

Some people achieve a lot on their own but most of us like to tackle projects with partners – as part of a strong enthusiastic team.

If you are a team member without a team, it’s time to get one started. At the HoBB Project House we ‘Goal Share’ to create teams.

‘Goal Share’ is where we progress-chase you on your project and you, in return, progress-chase us on one of ours. This way you get an instant ‘bolt-on’ team, and so do we. If you are not so wonderful on progress chasing, you can pick a weekend to visit the HoBB and together, we’ll plan the stage progress of your project whether it is at its starting post or part progressed.

All ‘Goal Share’ input and ideas are yours for you to keep and use with no ties.

There are several other ways to find team members online and offline – all require networking with your plans and ideas. You can network to get support for your project on free sites first, like gumtree and craigslist.

New Projects are in demand – there’s a lot to build and re-build so that the future becomes brighter for all.

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Posted by grant at January 8, 2012 02:03 PM

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