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What is a "Project House"?

000250We help Projects along their way - spending just hours on some and years on those that are on-going.

And annually, many visiting students from around the World come to the HoBB via sites like helpX and Wwoof to help us grow the HoBB Project House into an ever better place of useful action. This year we are starting a charity project on aquaponics and will be doing some research on water use, organic plant feeds and farming systems.

We keep a good balance of helping and being-helped. We never know what project is around the next corner so it could be yours if you wish hard enough.

If your project is yet to start, some way along its progress, or even on-hold, you may be looking for some space to do some fresh thinking on it. You can find this at the HoBB Project House by ‘dropping-in’ for a cuppa and a chat or by taking a break for a couple of days to concentrate on your Project, away from the distractions of regular home-work-life.

Whatever stage your Project has reached, you will find it of interest to receive new input, new ideas and new insights. We’re great at providing all three and more. [We are happy to sign a non-disclosure form - see a FREE example by clicking on 'non-disclosure form' link at the bottom of this page]

If you love doing projects, see the HoBB profile on HelpX (Help Exchange) for updates on the project's we are doing, the ones we have tackled and those we have a wish to do. HelpX is free and you will discover many HelpX hosts.

There are several Project Houses in the World but nearly all of them are linked to large city companies and therefore, situated in large cities.

Our Project House, The HoBB, is hidden away in peaceful, beautiful countryside where time ‘stops’ long enough to allow your project to surface fully, without distraction.

So when you need a break and really want to concentrate on your Project away from the distractions of everyday life, come to The HoBB, a traditional stone farmhouse with open fires and a host of fresh country creature comforts – a very green location for your ever greener shoots to grow.

Contact me - let’s:

* compare diaries
* book a time and date and
* get ready for your first cuppa and think-over.

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Posted by grant at February 22, 2015 07:04 AM

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