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Project: Helping blind parents to teacher their sighted children to read. An Acuity Design Project update


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I figure this adaptation of Cinderella is the first in the World to include raised fonts (Braille and Moon) and raised image outlines so as to help blind parents teach their sighted children to read.

Pete Stonehouse at is presently looking into some new ways these double braille books can be produced - doubly useful because they use both Braille and Moon (fonts).

We have looked at producing both raised fonts using thermography, but so far, this printing technique cannot achieve a sufficiently high-off-the-page level for use by those who are blind.

The production method we now need to find must make it possible to outline the illustration as well as both fonts. Regular braille printers cannot achieve this.

Please contact me if you have any thoughts that may help this useful teaching development.

Posted by : Grant
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Posted by grant at January 1, 2012 11:05 PM
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