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Build your own Elf Storytelling Hut

Trad Rural Elf Architecture

Traditional Elf Land Features look wonderful when nestled into the modern day garden. They make ideal DIY projects for the whole family and can have a practical use as a feature tool shed, personal meditation den or as a "Wendy House" for the kids.

I have designed and built a range of Elf features for you to experience here at the HoBB Gardens, and am always keen to hear from others, around the World, about their own Elf Hut constructions and designs.

Some Elf Huts are just about big enough for Little People, making them great places for magical storytelling.

I would be delighted to help your family design and build an Elf Hut in your own garden, so contact me when you feel the moment is right and there's 'magic in the air'.


More examples below ...

Trad Rural Elf Architecture

Trad Rural Elf Architecture

Posted by grant at January 18, 2013 12:09 AM
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