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The best made plans of mice and men

Sometimes the very best made plans of mice and men start well then drift apart.

Out of a total of 35 books in a complete reading scheme, only the first five were ever authored. Two of the titles are pictured below. Where are they now? Some will be in second hand book shops, others in land fill and maybe others are still to this day being used in schools to assist very early readers who have mastered their first 22 phonemes.

The author went off to London to re-decorate her son's house and was never heard of again. Where are they now? Still in London probably although unlikely because the author loved living off-grid with mice, spiders, bats and rabbits in a remote cottage that had no road or track to its gate.

Perhaps we'll never know where they are now but if you know, it might be best to keep it secret ;)



Posted by grant at December 12, 2009 08:09 PM
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