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Robert Neely LIVE at HoBB Real

Wings of Eagles at HoBB Real

We are known for our design solutions. Many ask us, "What exactly are you doing at the HoBB?" This is probably because we have moved away from the metropolis and as far as big business is concerned, we have landed in some unchartered territory. It is true. We are exploring new ways of working - an invigorating quest to host our own 'show' at

We have a Vision - we are building an enchanted garden in a peaceful country setting with unspoilt views. Several buildings are being 'sculpted', each nestling within the garden's greenery. These are of green oak, stone and glass, using wool insulation and other low-tech building solutions.

We are exploring the very creation of our surroundings and ways. Within this green setting, we share our discoveries of Alternative Complimentary Therapies, organic food, herbs, art and music. Our friends contribute, encourage our progress, help our work and share in the enjoyment of the results.

Within the HoBB environment, we support the good growth of plans, projects and dreams. We hope to inspire others to create their own HoBB and thereby support the visions of many more.

There are several ways to experience the Real HoBB and it gives us pleasure to introduce Robert Neely offering 'Personal Development, LIVE at HoBB Real'

"Robert holds the Key to one of the best ways to transcend HoBB Virtual"

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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