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We first started designing and producing little art books. Then one day, a visitor to the HoBB brought us a project idea which included the production of storybooks for children and Little People Books was born.

"The rest, so they say, is history."

Our next leap into storybooks has to be ebooks, video books and audiobooks but first, we need to get some training in sound, motion capture and animation.
Maybe you could help us with filming or editing?

* You can see some of our printed books here> Elfland Books in the making - download your FREE Elf Colouring Sheets now!

We are redesigning at the moment so it is responsive. It was done directly in html and we're moving it to WordPress soon

On the new site:

* There will be further photographs of 'behind the scenes' showing the scenery used in the ten books about our little 'Elf' character. Some of the sets and props already appear throughout our Elf books and Elf's hat is pictured on the front cover of each book. He'll be wearing it in the storytelling videos or if he's too shy, it will be on my head.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the screen shots from the new site:






Posted by grant at December 8, 2014 12:11 PM
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