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Welcome and thanks for surfing into 'HoBB Virtual'
the 24/7 sharing of our real HoBBian
moments and happenings.

'HoBB Real' is the very special, peaceful and creative home of Grant and Helen, who's understanding of 'sense of place' grows alongside nature itself.

Here on this home web site that we call 'HoBB Virtual', all of our World-wide friends can share our thoughts and get a measure of what we are doing and thinking; and understand why we are developing a place where friends can relax, "be", grow ideas, and experience the 'essence of life'.

'HoBB Virtual' is a small but useful part of the picture where you are welcome, at leisure, to stop and appreciate pictures and words designed to let you know what's happening here at HoBB Real and how our thoughts are evolving.

These web pages triumph over printed pages as they can be updated and thus can reflect the development of our thoughts and the staged results of our ongoing activities.

Happy Hunting, and remember to "Make time for Yourself"!

Catch up with what we are doing, Today . and Tomorrow

Love Grant, Helen, and for those 'in the know', the Threepence that is to come.

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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Those who dream by day
of many
those who dream only by night.
[Edgar Allen Poe]