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Whitton School goes BIG on UK ARTS WEEK

The very Image of Learning

Ask most students, after a gruelling four day session on the same project, to smile for a great team picture, and they usually will, ever-tolerant of the adult world eager to get another PR shot for yet another National UK Scheme.

Ask the Whitton Crew and like a shot they descend upon the camera guy with all the vitality of a Class ready to tackle another four days.

BIG ARTS WEEK was full of creative thinking this year at Whitton School, resulting in oodles of work from pencil sketches of knitted noodles to refined illuminated illustration all to support the re-work of a booklet about the School's 300 year old History.

History can be a bit ancient at times but the Whitton School History Books will find it hard to forget the amazing work they produced over this week because it is being put into an updateable ring bound folder and placed for all to see, maybe for the next 300 years (?).

In the words of one Student, Abigail Green :

"I really enjoyed doing this (book) and thinking that it might be around in 300 years time. Thinking of the people reading it (in 300 years) that might be thinking of those people who made it is really interesting. If anyone in the year 2304 reads this, think of us".

I only hope that before the year 2304 arrives, UK educationalists working for the government, realise the value of teaching pupils to culture a creative outlook. Without the ability to imagine that extra mile, horizons - to many - can seem too far off and daunting. Those able to visualise the path ahead with its potential obstacles, are better prepared from the outset and more fully equipped for the journey forward.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Posted by : Grant
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Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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