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Greenwood Forester unites Ashes over arboricultural ideas

Ash Tree needs a hand

One day these two Ash trees will touch along their trunks.

They have been planted within 30cm of each other and there will come a time when in order to continue growing, they will have to join 'as one'.

Having space to grow is important, but if space is limited, it needs to be shared.

One Ash tree may grow with greater vigour and become larger. Both will try to survive. As they touch and as they are wind-blown, there will be friction and wear. This wear will expose live tissue which they both will try to re-cover. As they recover, they will fuse. When, and only when they fuse, the winds will no longer blow them apart but they will moved joined in unity.

Here in the Garden of HoBB, each layer of loess that accumulates over time builds a fixture. We are partial to fixtures that flex and enjoy working on link-ups. If you have any arboricultural ideas that you want to work on, contact me, I have been a member of the Greenwood Foresters Association since the age of nine and have access to woodland here and in West Sussex.

Waves from the Woods ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Projects and Ideas

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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