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HoBB Real v. HoBB Virtual

One step further towards the reality of greater healthReal HoBB Location. Real HoBB Photo. You are virtually there already.

Inside and outside at 'HoBB Real', we strive to design items, experiences and areas that realize the sense of fun and balance within all things.

Outside, we regularly roll up our sleeves, feel the grit under our finger nails and can get blown off our feet by a strong souwesterley gust. Inside, we use our grey cells to think positively, build health for ourselves and friends and stay on our feet, facing up to those mind blowing experiences that 'living' can summon up from all four points of the compass at times.

Even 'HoBB Virtual' needs to avoid storms from within this digital computer environment. Galloping Trojan horses are out there trying to blow computers off their footings, designer worms and designer viruses are out to stop progress and spam aims to overload memory allotments. Through all this, we try to stay in communication with friends and maintain an even keel as we go forward.

Virtually, things are as real as they come and with firewalls, virus checkers and spam filters we try to stay healthy online in one piece.

Maintaining a healthy life 'system' is involved and covers both the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being of self and your environments; forget being an idealist as you would therefore need to hold total control over self and all your environments to achieve this which is a dream.


For full radiant health, all round, we spend time focusing on the well-being of friends globally no matter how we communicate with them, whether by deed, in person, by email or through thought.

Positive Health
The main driving health force here is 'Positive Health' which is associated with the positive attitude we try to keep towards everything in life - this is not easy at all times! As I like the idea of enjoying all life, I continually work at learning how to withstand all that life throws and I have worked with a lot of good friends sorting out which facets of life to catch and which to drop. But it's often a tough task to work it out without good friends around! A good group of friends means a good pool of experiences that you can tap into when needed.

Physical Health
In a perfect sense this means absence of disease, ailment and disability and the energy to accomplish daily works and active leisure without undue fatigue. We keep mid-term ailments at bay but we occasionally fail to keep away short term hiccups – who doesn't - some ailments catch up with us but generally we eat well and avoid sneezing people so please wait till after your flu before visiting us at HoBB Real .. thank you.

Emotional Health
Some say that if you can face most daily challenges and social interactions without undue mental, emotional, or behavioural upset then you are cold, a control freak or well balanced [ I think the 'well balanced' title is kinder]. There are some things that should hit hard as they are important and you are cold if they don't manage to penetrate and hit where it hurts. Generally most things at HoBB Virtual are well stomached but in reality at HoBB Real we aim to stomach less. We say thing like 'no smoking' and 'no children' at HoBB Real because we try to control the real environment we live inside. Online (here) at HoBB Virtual we can be more open and chat to someone who has a highly infectious disease for example.

Social Health
I might be growing my ability to interact effectively with some people through the online HoBB Virtual, because I am able to remain focused. For example, I might be having a useful bulletin board conversation with someone about web design that I would NOT have if I knew of some of their prejudices. This means that I might be making contact outside my social environment, and stepping thus outside, I might be getting to know the views and thoughts of those I would never approach in a HoBB Real manner. Once again, this means that there might be distinct differences between HoBB Virtual and HoBB Real that will remain in place or, conversely, be eroded by regular global communications. We all realise that languages are being forced into fusion through global business and politics so one day HoBB Real and HoBB Virtual might be closer or 'as one'. At this moment however, I am here and you are distinctly 'there'. (I smile)

Spiritual Health
This is a wide open subject for debate but it's closing in. I think that everyone feels that Spiritual health comes when you experience your own peace of mind and realise your role in the experience of life.
I have a good friend that occasionally pops across to HoBB Real to do some meditation and Qi gong and he would most probably add that spiritual health is when your behaviour is in tune with your spiritual essence and you are in communication with your inner-self. He works hard to help very many individuals simply find and tune in to their inner-self and if you are out of tune in any way, let me know and I'll send you his contact details.

Well –Being
The western world specializes in creating within its population, 'lifestyle anxiety'. It's a stress factor that we are taught to accept by constant commercial message bombardment. The condition of being contented, healthy, and successful has been hijacked by those industries that wish to define it for us in their way and in favour of their goods. This drives the big machine of commerce and makes the World we are getting. We are all contributing to it by accepting it and buying into it. Maybe one remote Amazon Tribe will avoid this modern way for a few more months but as the tidal wave of progress (?) sweeps through every earth habitat we will all be swamped. At HoBB Real we are HoBB Realists and accept progress so long as it is balanced.

This HoBB Real web environment allows us to extend and share our reality and provides many international opportunities to explore scale and visual impact and the practical uses of sharing.

We always want to offer something different and put forward our perspectives on practically everything. 'Onto a web site' for us, is 'into a melting pot' in the hope that a mote of this stuff might be of use in some way. But you will never understand anything by merely reading about it, that's why every science course includes experiments, and every consciousness liberating movement demands practice of yoga, meditations, confrontation techniques, etc, in which ideas are tested in the laboratory of your own nervous system. That's why we are creating HoBB Real as our own test bed beyond HoBB Virtual.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this 'HoBB Virtual web environment' as it grows with the knowledge that we are busy developing HoBB Real for those that want to go that extra mile. If that's you at any time, drop us a line.

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Personal Development

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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