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We've got the Firs, where's the gantry access ladder?

plans/designs for fir lightsHi,

The six HoBB fir trees have now grown enough for us to put up, through the centre of them, a ladder that supports a land 'Crows Nest', enabling us to access lights around these trees for Christmas Cheer, and Winter Solstice Celebrations.

We're on the look out for one of those vertical-use metal ladders with rings around them that are used to access gantries, especially those alongside railway lines in the UK.

If you know of any available for free, or at the very most 'cheap', please contact me and I'll follow it up. Thanks

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Voluntary Support

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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