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oil pollution and we still get out the deck chairs

The UK Registered Charity 'World of Water' have put on Exhibitions across the UK. These tours and displays raise the profile for the Charity's work, but more support is always required to promote the World's need for clean rivers, clean rain, clean ground waters and clean seas.

If you are keen on getting into Exhibition design and planning then say hello and help plan the next one with us when you visit the HoBB.

If you know of any Environmental Centre, School, Library, Gallery or Business place that would love to put on an exhibition about Water subjects then let us know or get them to contact us.

'World of Water' argues that we all need to work hard on the 'long haul' towards balancing the effect of civilisation on the natural world. "We all need to keep on 'keeping on' till we get the job done. Then we need to make sure the balance stays".

The local Powys County Council hosts and sponsors the World of Water Web site but we are on the look out for a volunteer to re-design the site. Get in contact if you can help.

A committed environmentalist is as much a friend and member of World of Water as anyone else, so long as they continue to grow a caring nature and give a helping hand. The World and all life forms need to have pollution-free water and nobody can escape this need. You might already qualify as a member of World of Water so pick up your personal certificate it's waiting for you!

We must all make sure that everyone realises the need to be an everlasting friend to this World of Water and if you have any fun, wonderful and workable ideas for events or activities that will help, please contact us.

We like exploratory chat, realistic optimism, and people with the drive to achieve the best results for all.

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant

... people who care make waves.

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Voluntary Support

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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