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Crescent Theatre Production Idea in the Wings Adapted for Stage

The Loft opposite the Spa

I've always loved theatres and when the opportunity came up to go down to the Loft Theatre and draw up some options for a new Foyer, I was there in a flash.

But too many theatres have closed down in the UK due to reduced audiences and competition from film and television. However, I think the interest in live theatre lives on in different ways. Today, it's the Street Carnivals, Cup Finals, Pop Concerts and reality TV programmes that provide our live theatre.

We all go onto web sites and click the 'What's New' button or buy 'News' papers, eager to discover what's happening as quickly as it happens. Live events broadcast on television always draw larger audiences than recorded events. When crowds are enjoying themselves 'as one' and are supporting a common aim or performer, they create an atmosphere 'electric'. There should be a way of harnessing this people power more often maybe a way of bottling and sharing it?

There are people around that bubble with life and some suggest I am one of those. I grow my enthusiasm for life by marvelling at both the unknowns and the knowns. This World Stage is full of those 'running the race' and getting exhausted in the process. Here at the HoBB, we often think of ourselves as a Pit Stop for friends rather than an Oasis.

The show must go on and we are all driven to journey. Ours is a never ending journey that started without us realising it. I'll write some more on the Theatre of Life and get back to this log to put up the links. As life should be entertaining and we should all provide each other with some contribution, I've written a new Theatre production (Working title "KK and the Genie Mouse").

It's fully storyboarded with over 150 key frames about an orphan kitten adopted as a Theatre mascot that prevents a mob of rats taking over the Theatre for their own business dealings. The kitten brings back the audiences with a little help from a stranded genie mouse left over in the props. department after an Aladdin Production. Does true love blossom at the end? Yes! Has the haunting melody theme music been written yet? Yes. Will it break box office records? Interested?

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant

Posted by : Grant
Filed in : Projects and Ideas

Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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