Pam and Pat

Pam is thrifty, loves to knit
Pat is fifty two.
Both are busy as you see
Making clothes for you.

Each design is cut and sewn
Each requires a name
Pat is modeling ‘Jester’
Pam wears ‘Quilt’ again.

When you have a birthday
Be sure to see their store
Of fancy hats, fancy shoes
Fancy gloves and more.

Illustration : Ollie Tomlinson

(c) 1996, 2010 World of Water (Reg. Charity 327188)

Being a Dynamo Project Role Model

“Being a Dynamo Project Role Model gives me the chance to help with the countrywide growth of entrepreneurial spirit – never more needed than now  as our Country continues to borrow money, import goods that it could make and import food it could grow. We live in silly times dominated by too many who hold on to power for personal reasons. I remain ever energized to encourage and deliver home growth so that we may give of our healthiest best when contributing to the World stage and its performance.” (Grant 2006)

Project Dynamo
Project Dynamo

In the words of Jane Davidson AM – Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning (2006) :

We need more people with imagination and motivation to set up enterprises and create exciting opportunities for themselves and others.

This means sowing the seeds in all walks of life, especially among young people in our schools and colleges. Our young people need to be entrepreneurially confident to play a full and active part in the economy.

I believe that our young people have talent, flair and ability in abundance. Entrepreneurship education seeks to harness this talent to ensure it matures and helps develop an enterprising culture for Wales.

Through programmes of entrepreneurship education we aim to ensure that Wales has a new generation, imbued with a “can-do” attitude and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES) is focused on 3 main action areas for this work:


I look forward to schools and colleges everywhere grasping this opportunity, taking advantage of the programmes and to seeing this work bearing fruit in the years ahead.”

Above quote rescued from Wayback Machine