IMAGENAMEHEREDo you need refreshing new energies in your Project?

I host creative atmospheres that spark participants into activity and catalyze ideas from within groups.

Groups of between two and ten are ideal. The results are yours at the end of the day – no waiting! Say hello.

Ready to develop new ideas ?

New ideas are vital to promote the economy, keep investors happy and make sure you and your team reach your goal/s. When individual minds come together in a lively creative atmosphere, they generate the energy to move forward on projects and stay ahead in the market.

As a very positive and progressive Designer, I motivate people, during meetings, to design better tomorrows for themselves and those around them. Being hands-on, my design folio is packed with hundreds of practical design solutions to communication needs – all produced for people-projects.

My greatest strengths:
Live, face-to-face realtime promotions at meetings, fairs and events.
Constructing creative works on site.
Designing display material for project presentation.
Presenting thoughts in diagrammatic form to a wide audience.
Going from brainstorm to mind map to plan to role action and feedback in one hair-raising session with only two breaks for coffee (decaf. for me thanks)
Producing info. / graphics to support project pitches.

My way of doing things on site:
I arrive,
I believe in your aims,
I connect with you / your team,
we work,
we finish it,
we celebrate the result/s.

My way of doing things off site:  (HoBBshoring or Remote work)

What do you need done?


Update on Suzy Davies AM

A dedicated enthusiasm for wide community gain lives inside Suzy Davies. Having worked with Suzy on two campaigns in 2009  (The Teme Valley Blueprint: ‘Knighton Job Project’ and ‘You Too Can’ initiatives) I was very pleased when Suzy became a Member of the National Assembly for Wales in 2011.

You can follow Suzy @suzydaviesam


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