In others’ words

“Grant is, without doubt, the most creative person I’ve ever met – he can create an artistic symphony on a serviette. Grant’s diligence and charm make him a delight to work with. Highly recommended.”

Polly Wenham

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“They’ve (Illustrations) arrived. Quite simply, magnificent. What more can I say? Utterly gorgeous, the whole lot. Top class professional work. I am absolutely delighted. Can’t wait to see the rest.”
— Andrew Segal, Village Folk Books

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“Grant rocks and that’s from a fellow design professional. Outrageously talented and a network maverick to boot.  Cheers!”

Melissa Galt

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“Grant DELIVERS. To quote the man himself ‘I just roll up my sleeves and do it’, and he’s done just that. He is at the end of that phone line he’s holding out in his image and can give you just that little extra push you need when your standing at the top of a black run, looking down. He’s an enabler, is bursting with ideas, inspiration and encouragement…. I could go on but he’d probably rather I got on with the music mission of the moment.

Thanks Grant, it doesn’t go unappreciated!”

Jessica Goyder

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“Artistic? Creative? Chaotic? enthusiastic? Energetic? – All good words to describe Grant, but I think a new word needs to be invented…..
His messages are intelligent and witty (or at least I think so…) and I can’t wait to visit the public house…. mine’s a Guinness.”

— John Cave
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“Grant has an extremely intuitive insight to determine the true essence of my holistic security model platform. Such wisdom of enlightenment cannot go unnoticed by me.

I would suggest anyone to contact Grant and determine a “connection”, as he is a MUST on my personal networking contacts.”

— Michael Stephen Ruiz

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“I do not write testimonials that often, but Grant comes across as a man who cares, not just cares, but really cares about the planet in which we inhabit.

We all go along quite often without a care of where our next much-needed glass of water will come from, just expecting to turn a tap and whomph there it is.

I take my hat off to a man who cares.”

Lee Gallacher – Challenge Sailing Team
“The Next Ellen MacArthur” Gallacher

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“Mike and I have just spent a weekend at The HoBB.

As a result, I think here at The Performance Business, we should replace the phrase ‘strategic planning’ for a new term ‘HoBB Time’. HoBB Time is when you can look at what you’ve got, and what you would like to achieve without limitations, just a channelled stream of energy and resources that turns the dreams, and ideas into reality.

From the minute we arrived, we knew we were on a journey of discovery. Grant and Helen are accomplished in fine art and design, with a background working with blue-chip companies. Now, instead of heading into the smoke to meet their stressed out clients in stressed out towns, they invite their clients to spend time at The HoBB, where there is no barrier to creativity, and where everything is achievable.

So what makes The HoBB such a rich source of inspiration? It has to be Grant’s creativity, energy, passion and, big personality.
Grant and Helen also open their doors to The HoBB as a Retreat (not a place to hide when things get tough), but a place to allow people to find time and space to ground themselves and maybe to make some personal, or business decisions. The HoBB is comfortable, and cosy. Grant and Helen love it and they have something of themselves in every corner. They call The HoBB the Project House – and they will allow people to come and work with them in their garden, designing and building different things, for instance – steps, or a gate – almost anything goes! It’s Art Therapy with a twist. Then they embrace whatever has been created and it will stay there for as long as it stands up to the weather! So as you tour the garden, Grant will point out little bits of creativity and say who did it and what they wanted to express through their work.

If you need some artwork, want some time to reflect and recharge your batteries and refocus your aims, or if you are a coach, and are looking to find a venue where you can work with your clients in an entirely different way – you might just want to speak to Grant, who’s home, (and amazing garden project) is a living representation of life’s journey.“

— Lucy

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“.Grant is one of the most supportive and caring people I know. It’s great to be back in your network!

Best wishes.”

Gabrielle Izen

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“Grant was my first contact – a happy, energetic guy, great to converse with. When I come to Wales, I will certainly stay at the HoBB.”

Yael Stein

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“Grant is a fast thinking, inspirational, dynamic and exceptional creative. He enjoys people, communication and sharing ideas for overall benefit – a fabulous guy, adorable and charming.”

Diane Stafford

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“Grant has brought magic to my imagination and my mailbox! I open his messages with enjoyable anticipation.”

Lynda Cookson

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“Thank you for the beneficial effect your course has had on the whole of the administration department. The staff are more committed and positive in their approach to their daily tasks, the whole atmosphere in the department has improved 1000%”

— Ms.K.C. Cole, Head of Admin / Systems Manager,
Washwood Heath School, Birmingham.

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“We had the pleasure of working on a Community project especially designed round the work that we carry on within the Property & Development Industry. I and my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed seeing how receptive the children were and would have no hesitation in asking them to do something similar in the future ”

— Lorna D Biddle, Morrison Developments Ltd.

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“My second testimonial for Grant…the man is a veritable font of ideas, warmth and hospitality and you should make a stop over at the HoBB a mandatory part of your visit to Wales, no the UK, no Europe. My friend and I spent a wonderful evening there and it was one of the highlights of my year.

If you’re looking for a designer who can supply inspiring copy, graphics and ideas aplenty then call Grant!”

Neil Urquhart

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“What to say about The Grand Grant? Look at his signature and probably you will understand a bit about his personality which is unique, strong, fascinating, charismatic, creative, crazy (in the best possible sense), sparkling, brilliant, warm and so on (till eternity) Grant is just one – so get to know him!”

Andreja Lajh

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“Grant is like a breath of fresh air and challenges all norms and beliefs. I felt positive and energised after meeting him and I resolve to get more involved in both him and his projects.”

Jeremy Dent

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“Grant is one of the few people who will not just help you out once, he will keep thinking of you even when you haven’t stopped by to say hello for ages. Thanks Grant – it’s much appreciated!”

Russ King

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“There is a great guy called Grant of the Hobb. He is a fabulous artist and is able to translate words into pictures. He has a wonderful, creative and maverick style and he is an extremely nice guy. He’s working on something for us right now – I’ll let you see it, when it’s done.”

Lucy Windsor

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“Grant is free with his information and suggestions. He is a wealth of knowledge. I see a kind person who cares about his community and the world.”

— Leland Simpson

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“Very interesting, helpful and informative!!”

— Luthien Lark

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“Grant does read one’s profile thoroughly!!”

— Maurizio Morabito

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“Grant is helping my new social networking club, by ideas and recruiting new members. Thanks Grant!.”

David Corking
(Space Exploration Club)

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“Thank you Grant for your words of inspiration today.

It’s good to connect with a fellow traveller with passion, insight and a caring heart.

You’re amazing.”

— Maggie Baldry

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“Grant is free with his information and suggestions. He is a wealth of knowledge. I see a kind person who cares about his community and the world.”

— Leland Simpson

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— Claire Fuggle

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“Picasso of networking!”

Levent Korkmaz

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“Grant! He is such a warm and positive person. I don’t know him for long but he’s made an immediate impression on me. He is just ready for action.
He is very creative and has a big heart. Keep up with good work! I think you’re doing great!”

N i n a   B a t i

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“He is a very special person for me now. It is difficult to explain about him. I love his GSOH a lot and his awareness is wonderful. “Enjoyment” yes, enjoy at this moment makes my life much richer. I really recommend him to have a connection NOW! You will see what I mean.”

Maki Kosaka

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“Grant is one of those people who sweeps you instantly away into a world where everything is possible.

When I first came across Grant, I felt an instant urge to connect with him – to really get what he’s about, you should put some time aside to sit down with a cup of coffee and read his website. What he and Helen have created at The Hobb is nothing short of inspirational.

Grant, you have supported and inspired me, and enabled me to channel my creativity through your skill. You are one of those special people whose advice I will always value and who I am so lucky to know.”

Lucy Windsor

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“A weekend with Grant and the team is what I will need. Have fun”

— Rory Woolridge

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“Grant is always prepared and ready to give a genuine vision of your business projects. Thanks Grant.”

Freddy Daems

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“I hope to get to know Grant better as he clearly has exceptional creative talent as well as a thoughtful and helpful approach. Also, I really appreciate the fact that he has gone to the soft selling school so is not rushing to push the expensive solution at you. He deserves to prosper and I suspect he does.”

— Terry Toms

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“Very helpful and informative networker.”

— Jeff Reader

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“Grant is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Grant!”

— Veronica Lim

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“I will be keeping an eye on your site with keen interest in your progress.”

Yvette Bekker

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“Warm greetings from Singapore to you and all the children of World of Water. It would be a great pleasure to write a short note about the sea life in Singapore. I would send them over to the email address you supplied when I’ve finished.

I would be interested to learn more about World of Water. Is there a website that I can find out more information from?


— Jasmine Yeo

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Mollie Smith

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“Grant is splendiferous at sparking creative juices to flowing and making one think.”

Christie Sureus

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If you’d like to work together, by all means get in touch.

View my design portfolio.

The Rural Enterprises 350 List

Does your farm need to culture other income sources?

Let’s talk.

Here’s a list of 350 Alternative Farm-Based Enterprises to whet your appetite:

Adopt-a-tree, Advertising, Aggregates, Afternoon teas, After school clubs, Agricultural Chaplain, Alpaca, Alternative medicine, Amenity management, American-style mailboxes, Angora rabbits, Animal rehabilitation, Animal Associated Therapy, Arboretum, Aromatherapy products, Arts classes, (Field) Archery, Assertiveness training, Aquaponics.

Bacon, Badger watching, Bagpipe making, Balloon service, Barn Conversion, Barn Dancing, Ballooning, Basket making, Bay tree production, Beautician, Bed and Breakfast, Beef packs, Bees, Bee-keeping workshops, Bellringing weekends, Bereavement support, Biofuels, Birds of prey centre, Birdseed, Bird watching, Birthday cards, Bloodhound pack (DIY), Book binding, Book publishing, Bottled water, Brassieres, Bread-making, Brewery, Burial-human, Burial-pets, Buffalo, Business Units.

Cake decoration, Calligraphy, Camping, Canoeing, Caravans, Caravan storage, Car boot sales, Carving wood/ stone, Car service and repair, Car valeting, Cashmere Goats, Catering, Cattery, Chalets, Charcoal making, Chauffeured vintage cars, Cheese, Children’s farm B&B, Children’s parties, Children’s play equipment, Christmas trees, Cider making, Clay Pigeon shooting, Clock-making, Clog-making, Selling clothes, Composting, Concerts, Conference and Training Centre, Computer help, Conference venue, Contracting, Co-ordinating of sixth sense, Coppice, Corporate hospitality, Correspondence courses, Cottage Lets, Counselling, Crafts, Craft directory, Crayfish Farming, Crematorium, Cricket (indoor), Croquet, Cross Country Course (Horses), Curtain making, Cyber pub, Cyclo-cross, (Cycles touring), Dairy goats.

Dairy sheep, Dating Agency, Deer, Dentist, Desk-top publishing, Disco venue, Dog & Cat minding, Dog breeding, Dog grooming, Dog’s Hotel, Dog-sledding, Dog training, Dog walking, Domestic agency, Dried flower production, Ducks.

Ecoflow magnets, Egg round, Elderberry wine, (elderberries grown on contract), Equestrian Centre, Essential oils, Etiquette courses, Evening out and tour arranging.

Family history investigation, Farm business consultancy, Farmers markets, Farm shop, Farm security, Farm trails, Feed manufacture, Fancy fish breeding, Field Boarding; Fine art adviser, Fish farming, Fishing lakes, Fish smokery, Florist, Flower arranging courses, Flowers for drying, Making flyscreens, Football, Footwear for farmers, Forestry, Form filling service, Four wheel drive, Free range eggs, Frozen food distribution, Fudge making, Furniture restoration.

Game shooting, Garden Centre, Garden design, Gardening, Geese, Geo-positioning app trails, Gift wrapping services, Gilding, Glamping, Gliding, Goats, Golf course, Golf range, Go-carting, Golf Course, Golf driving range, Golf management, Grain drying, Granny activity holidays, Grass boarding, Grass mowing, Grass track racing (motor cycles), Grave digging, Guanacos, Guinea Fowl.

Hairdressing, Hang-gliding, Hanging basket maintenance, Hat-selling and hire, Haulage, Health Products, Health farm, Help groups directory, Herbs, Historic trails, Hockey, Holiday chalets, Holidays for diabetics, Home entertainer, Horse B&B, Horse Drawn Carriages for weddings, Horse hospital, Horse jumps, House sitting, House exchange agency, Humanist funerals, Hurdle making, Hydroponics.

Ice cream, Import/export, Industrial Unit, Interior design consultancy, Ironing, IT training.

Jet-skiing, Jewellery design, Junk shop.

Kennels, Lambing-time visits, Landscape Gardening, Lavender farm, Leaves to curds (tofu) and milks, Lecturing, Life swap for a week, Line dancing classes, Lingerie, Listening devices, Livery, Llamas, Llama trekking, Locations for film and TV.

Magazine production, Mail order, Management games, Manicuring, Marriage guidance, Massage, Maternity wear hire, Meat boxes by post, Mechanics workshop, Mediaeval Banquets, Meditation weekends, Mentoring, Millinery, Mobile cyber-cafe, Mobile phone aerials, Mobile second hand books, Mobile post office/bank, Model Aircraft, Moonlight walks, Mountain biking, Museum, Mushroom farming, Mushroom picking, Music weekends, Mystic weekends.

Newspaper delivery, Nursery School,

Off-roading, Open gardens, Organic farming, Fresh organic baby food, Opera house, Orienteering, Ostriches,

Paintballing, Painting Holidays, Paper storage, Parachuting, Para-gliding, Parrot breeding, Pet B&B, Pet Cemetry, Pet headstones, Pet sculptures, Pharmaceutical crops, Pheasant rearing, Photographic Agency, Piano lessons, Pick-your-own, Picnic sites, Plant Hire, Polo, Polo pony wintering, Pony Trekking, Pop-concerts, Posh frock hire, Pottery, Proof reading, Property, Public relations, Pudding service.

Quad biking, Quail, Quarrying.

Rabbits, Racehorse training, Ready meals, Recruitment agency, Red kite feeding centre, Respite care home, Restaurant, Retreats, Riding School, Riding Stables, Radio Station, Road haulage, Rock concerts, Rowing, Rug making.

Salmon farming, Sandwich van, Saunas, Second hand clothes, Self catering accommodation, Secretarial services, Sheep dairying, Shellfish, Shooting Range, Shooting (game), Sign manufacturing, Singles parties, Skate-boarding, Smokery, Snail Farming, Soap making, Soft furnishings, Specialist plants on the internet, Stag and hen weekends, Stained glass, Stand-up comedy, Stone carving.

Table trout production, Tandem racing, Tapestry kits, Taxidermy, Tea-shop, Teenage activity holidays, Telephone answering service, Ten-pin bowling, Terracotta pots, Terry nappies, Touring caravans, Toys, Toy library, Tractor manufacture and rebuilding, Translation, Treasure hunting (metal detectors), Tree nursery, Turf.

Video conferencing, Voluntary work,

Walking tours, Walling, Rural waste advisory service, Water bottling, Water-skiing, Water Buffalo, Weaving, Web-site design, Wedding service, Wedding venue, Growing weed seeds, Wholesale flower market, Wild boar, Wild flower seeds, Willow growing, Wind farm, Wine, Woodland and Hedgerow Products, Woodland walks, Worm farming, Writing courses,

Xmas trees,


Zoic research, Zither making, Zephyr manufacture, Zen meditation, Zucchini farming.

Plenty of opportunities we can discuss when we meet at the NEC.
Nov. 11th 2015    Fully Booked
Nov. 12th 2015    Available Times

“Thank you for posting this list Johanneke s. I am sure it will promote many farmers to think about their farm growth potential.  Your list has been downloaded many times and it was the catalyst for our Rural Growth Wales project which has already promoted the growth of:

  • local town tourism,
  • a community land trust,
  • a worm farm,
  • pony trekking holidays,
  • bike trecks,
  • walking weekends,
  • a new orchard,
  • book publishing,
  • community events,
  • artist collectives,
  • a snail farm,
  • a retreat and meditation centre.
  • poetry workshop
  • Cohousing Group
  • Hydroponic / Aquaponic Research Unit (Volunteers should apply via HelpX )