This day

This day

Another dawn,
Bright chance to do the doing.
Another dawn,
Perchance to know more knowing.
Another day
Of harvesting and sowing
Each day one end
In a life of growing.
© Grant

Usually I get up, make tea, have breakfast, collect post and then wake up.
Yesterday, I  read an article that suggested the first thing a writer should do in the morning is write. So today, my pen was at work before the kettle. It was at work on the above poem. But my cornflakes went soggy – well the article didn’t mention that I should type the poem and upload it BEFORE adding the milk. Grrrrrrr

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Irene Clasper – This kept my attention

Title / intro is: Beautiful!!

My favorite line is: Another dawn, Perchance to know more knowing

Nicely done!!

Our second series of Book Covers

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Elf’s first five books were written for everyone but especially for those who really want to read from cover to cover, without help from a grown-up. If you liked the stories in the first Elf series you’ll love the adventures that Elf has in these next ten books.

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