We’re going on a poem hunt

We’re going on a poem hunt

We’re off to the sylvan wilds within
To wend our way to words.
Our lines of thought will couple them
Aligned in text – not heard.
For in this silent space they lay
For some, an ever-and-a-day,
Awaiting eyes that seldom know
The depths we wondrous poets go.

Lady Sapph – Your word play is so fun, and you really do have a refreshing style. Your work is like skipping rocks you seem to always nick the surface of a subject and let one’s mind grasp the depth. Awesome. Keep it up!
Elske – Title / intro is:  love it, nice title!
Something to work on is:  nothing really, although it might be that the first word ‘we’ve’ should be we’re. nice rhythm you got going! and I really love the theme, many poets can relate to it, I am very sure. very good job!
 Ah yes, it should be! Thank you very much for spotting that. I’ve corrected it.

Gallery examples (Pencil. Ink. Colour stages)

Finished Artwork (Book Cover)

A gallery selection of our artwork.

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Strand of Hair ice crystal formation
We have a large image library, which includes the WoW Picture archive.
We pencil sketch at live meeting, do colour samples in studio, inkwork by hand – either on paper or digitally. Colour render digitally.
Left: Inking service. Right: Colour Render Service
Pencilwork used as school colouring sheet
Mascot toon. Ebano.
Ink Sketching (no prior pencil stage)
Colour Rendering (Photoshop)