Tomas Peska – WWOOF and HelpX at the HoBB

View along grass. TP on RHSIf you are travelling the World and looking for hosts, there’s no better way than by joining Wwoof

The first ever wwoofer to visit us was Tomas. He arrived a day early from the Czech Republic, on a bicycle he designed and built himself,

If you are not familiar with the international ‘Wwoof’ organisation (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) that brings together those wishing to travel the world with hosts, worldwide, then click to and start planning your journey into this new world of friends – a world full of very special and individual ways of thinking.

Tomas continued his cycling through the UK on leaving the HoBB. When back in the Czech Republic, he emailed us saying, in his best English :

“Thank you for learning a lot; relaxed like home atmosphere; superb food; fun; jokes; Penny; Topy ….. a little bit of philosophy – way of life. And also thanks for patience and energy”

At the HoBB, we encourage such rare moments of life to evolve. If you are thinking of volunteering at the HoBB, click on some of these informative comments below which we hope you may find helpful:

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We believe, that if you opt to join us and have an open, positive, happy and enthusiastic mindset, you will be well pleased with your decision.

Use words – sustain understanding

Before driving words to work this morning I had answered my txt, email and tweet messages and all the portals to my hand delivered mail lay flaky framed in brown, in white, across the passenger seat – proof of my index finger’s equal enthusiasm to help my world connect.

But attention spans fall.
Time to muse shrinks.
Ramblers gets left behind.
Anything beyond a meme is verbose.







So. my morning – reading and authoring.

My afternoon – sketching and designing.

My evening – eating, then placing torn envelopes and junk mail onto the compost and hearing that someone’s launched some of their waste into outer space. It’s a scale thing – some black hole will consume and recycle it for dinner in a few million years.

But before going to sleep, I faced this question of causing waste rather than recycling everything, by writing about the way things may go, if we go on the way we are: